God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1308 -

Who does not choose ME, his Jesus, AUTOMATICALLY CHOOSES THE DEVIL!

Sunday, June 6, 2021

My child. Many calamities are yet to come before I return. Many children MUST still convert, but the Father, My and your Father in Heaven, will soon, very soon, intervene and well to him who has confessed ME before this, HIS intervention, happens, because: All who have not given their YES to ME, their Jesus, will have no hope of salvation, for I, their Jesus, will be able to do nothing for them.

The 'world' will be renewed, ie: Your earth will open up, and ALL who were not faithful, devoted and surrendered to ME, their Jesus, will be lost, because: They have not given ME their YES, they have not listened to ME, they have disobeyed the commandments of the Father, they have preferred the worldly to the eternal, and they have not chosen ME, their Jesus.

Many of them will have such a rude awakening, and it will be these who think they are living well, but have not made up their minds.

So let it be said to you that if you do not decide honestly and sincerely and with all your heart for Me, for your Jesus, you will be lost, for your failure to decide, your 'I am still waiting', has blocked the way to Me, but opened the way to perdition and the kingdom of hell.

So convert, decide for ME, because Only I AM the way to eternity, I, Jesus, your Savior, AM the way to the New Kingdom and to the Father.

If you do not choose ME, you are lost, and the day of great joy will be joyless for you, as well as your eternity, because you have not chosen ME, your Jesus, and this will be your doom, because whoever does not choose ME, his Jesus, AUTOMATICALLY CHOOSES THE DEVIL!

Be warned, for the events are coming blow by blow, and woe to him who is not with ME, with his Jesus. Amen.

Your Jesus on the cross.