God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1312 -

What you see is nothing compared to what is to come!

Monday, August 2, 2021

My child. Sadly I look at your world, but be sure, the Father helps. He, who is almighty and perfect, will bring chastisements. What you see is nothing compared to what is to come. All the unconverted will be lost, and no one will save them. Only those who turn to the Lord, to the Lord Jesus Christ, will be spared from the fiery masses. These arise at the end of time. The ground will shake, the earth will open up, and those who are not with the Lord Jesus Christ will be swallowed up.

So convert in time, because what is coming cannot be compared to anything that has happened before. You will have no chance to escape the masses of fire. Only those who are with Jesus will be saved.

The Antichrist will seize all power before that day comes, and the faithful children will feel his wickedness. But have no fear, for the Lord Jesus Christ will be with you.

There will be many martyr's deaths, but even here Jesus is always with those who give their earthly life for HIM.

All this will happen after the warning, after the great conversion that God, Our Lord, will give you as a final act of mercy.

So repent, for only in this way will you be redeemed and lifted up.

Whoever is completely with Jesus, whoever has prepared himself, no suffering will befall him, for he is in Jesus, and Jesus is in him, and nothing will he have to fear.

So examine yourselves to see if you are pure and worthy, for time will tell.

Whoever lies to himself, whoever pretends to be good but is not pure in heart, suffering will befall him. You cannot escape from the Lord, for the Lord knows all things.

So examine yourselves and repent! Seek your Holy Confession and repent! Beg the Lord, HE may forgive you, and HE will forgive you!

So do not deceive yourselves, but make yourselves completely clean. Whoever comes before the Lord with an unclean heart will not be worthy. But whoever comes before the Lord defiled with a pure heart will be forgiven.

So examine yourselves, beloved children that you are, for nothing escapes the eye of the Lord, and whoever is truly with the Lord will be pure and worthy.

Seek out your Holy Masses and use the Holy Sacraments. There will be mass closings of the Holy Catholic Churches very soon, and you must be pure and fortified before that day comes.

The churches that remain open will then, when everything is prepared by the evil one, be so desecrated and disfigured that a true Christian will not enter them. There will be homage paid to the beast there, so beware!.

He who swims with the stream will be lost, so be warned!

I love you. The Lord loves you. Watch out, for it comes blow by blow.

In devoted love I remain your Saint Bonaventure.

Invoke Our help, the help of your saints, for We stand ready for you and potentiate your prayers that are sincere and honest and free from selfishness. The Holy Angels of the Father are also standing by. They carry your prayers to the Father, as do We, the saints of the communion of saints. But beware. Not all who have been canonized are! If you have doubts in your heart, ask the Holy Spirit for clarity. It will be given to you if you ask sincerely and honestly and with a pure heart!