God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1319 -

Everything will be taken from you...!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

My child. My dear child. Please tell the children that I love them. Tell them from Me, from their Jesus in agony. Amen.

My child. My dear child. Please tell the people they must pray. Only through the prayer of all of you, will the Father grant mitigation, only through prayer, will you be able to conquer evil. He who does not pray will perish, but he who prays purely and sincerely and with a sincere heart, to him be said:

He will soon see the fruits of his prayers, for he who is truly with Me will be led through this time of the end. He will not feel fear, and the evil one will not be able to seize him. He will be under My and the Father's protection, and nothing will he have to fear.

Those who are truly with Me are those of you who have joy in Me. Their heart is blissful, and they look forward to Me, their Lord and Savior. My return is near, and they know it. They are prepared and trust completely in Me, in their Jesus.

But to him who is far from Me, let it be said:.

It will profit you nothing to hoard supplies, for you will not be able to use them.

It will profit you nothing to lock up earthly securities, to hoard and keep them for yourselves, for they will be worthless.

It will profit you nothing to heap up earthly riches, for they will be taken from you.

And it will do you no good to have hiding places and refuges, for the end will come to you, EVERYWHERE you are.

Everything will be taken from you, everything you will lose.

But those who are truly with Me, who are faithful and wholly devoted to Me, will gain ALL, ie: My promises of the promised inheritance will be fulfilled in them, and exalted they will become, for what My Father promises (that) will be, and what I promise will be, and what My Most Holy Mother promises will be.

So convert, you who are not with Me.

awake, you who have not given yourselves entirely to Me,.

and turn back, those of you who are attached to earthly things, for they are transitory and nothing will come of them.

Prepare yourselves, your soul, for eternity in glory, for only those who are ready will enter the New Paradise, only those who are ready will be lifted up into the New Kingdom, which stands ready and opens its gates as soon as the time comes.

Be sure that EVERYTHING is very near.

In sincere, honest and deep love for all My children,

your Jesus of the Cross. Amen.

Make this known, My child. It is very important. Amen.