God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1328 -

...that you do everything out of love for HIM and your neighbor!

Monday, November 15, 2021

My child. Much atonement will continue to be needed. You are so close to the end, and many children have yet to be converted.

So do not quarrel, but offer up all the atonement sufferings, for they are for the good of yourselves, your loved ones, and so many souls. My Son loves you very much, and HE desires that you accept atonement sufferings, that you offer sacrifices -this can be prayers, candles, pilgrimages, good deeds, etc- and that you do everything out of love for HIM and your neighbor.

There is not much time left until the warning will reach all the children of the earth worldwide, and for this moment you must be prepared, and for this moment many, many souls must still PREPARE!

Beloved children that you are: Time is running out for you! Look around and put 1 and 1 together! Our predictions -given in these and other messages by selected souls (seer children)- are already visibly recognizable, and they are becoming more and more so! If you don't get ready now, when then?

As soon as the warning reaches you, it will be too late for so many of you. The indescribable light of My Son you will then not know how to endure, and your sins-WHICH YOU HAVE COMMITTED AND NOT RECOGNIZED!-. will cause you a state of soul torment and anguish-it is a state of being crushed, squashed and torn, to put it somehow into earthly words, but there are no words for it on earth, because there is not this soul torment on earth, that many of you will die in the act of beholding your own soul by shock, by heart attack, heart failure, by shortness of breath, by the horror of the state of your soul, and you will be lost if you do not convert at that exact moment!

So be warned and begin to repent NOW, for if you are not ready for the warning, -should you have survived the beholding of your soul's condition- complete godlessness (God-forsakenness) will befall you, because God the Father and My Son will withdraw from you, and you will have to go through a complete emptiness and cut off from your Creator, which will put you in the worst of all states, without hope, without love, without joy, without God(! ), that it may then serve you as a truly final act of the so unspeakably great mercy of the Father and the Son with Their Holy Spirit for repentance!

Children, you have no idea what suffering will befall you! For on earth you do not know these torments! You must be ready for Jesus, and His so infinitely great act of mercy. He who survives the warning, in the Lord's mercy, will (consciously*) commit no more sin, because he knows about the suffering that will befall him, IF HE CONTINUES TO SIN! He will stand up for Jesus, and he will avoid any act of sin.

But those who survive the warning and are NOT converted, be it said to you:

Your eternity will be sealed because you do not love Jesus. You have turned away from HIM, who is your Savior! You choose FREELY -of your own free will- to reject Jesus and spurn His hand, so very loving to you, which HE held out to you to save your soul, but you have rejected it, and hatred has taken possession of your soul!

You will be at the mercy of the devil and for 1000 years he will torment you. The time will be most agonizing, but you have not wanted it differently! You have spurned and rejected the One who wanted to give you the Kingdom of Heaven and for this gave His blood on the cross for your redemption with His own life as the incarnated Son of God!

Children awake(!), before it is too late! After the warning your eternity is sealed. You will not get another chance!

So decide now well where you want to live in eternity, because: Your soul is created for eternity and eternally it will live, but it is your decision where you want to go!

Do not continue to be blinded by the devil and his demons, because: Only Jesus is the key to eternity in glory. Only HE!

So convert, beloved children, convert! Say YES to My Son! HE, who gave His life for you, waits for you with arms stretched out towards you, because His love is great, it is infinite and it is merciful, and out of this mercy HE gifts you with His love, with His forgiveness and with the glory in eternity, as soon as you repent and give HIM, your Jesus, your honest and sincere and from the bottom of your heart coming YES!

This is the first step to your conversion, beloved children. Go it! So that you will not continue to be exposed to the devil and perish in the depths of his blazing, burning and agonizing hell. Amen.

I love you very much. Please share this with the children of the earth. Amen.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of Redemption with Jesus Who suffers, the Saints and Holy Angels gathered here, and God the Father Almighty Who waits for you -your conversion to HIM and HIS Son-.

*Yes, it is -'consciously' no longer committing-, and should the devil trap them, this sin will be forgiven by My Son as soon as it is offered to HIM, atoned and repented. But do not be afraid, because the one who has experienced this pain of soul will consciously commit no more sin. Amen.