God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1336 -

Your world is on the verge of global collapse!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

My child. Our children must pray so that the worst that is to befall YOU will be averted. Your world is on the brink of global collapse and you are living as if this is not true.

Children, awake, for evil times await you!

The lamentations of Jeremiah will soon be heard all over your earth!

You have learned nothing, and many of you just won't wake up from your 'winter' sleep!

If you don't pray, communism will overrun all your countries! The war machinery that is ready is geared to this. You will soon have no choice, and so many of you will accept ANYTHING just to survive, but children, be warned, for this means your true (eternal) death!

The Evil One has prepared his plans in secret, and they are for your subjugation! Don't you see it?

Only through the prayer of all of you will you obtain relief! Only through your fervent prayer, My children!

Pray to the Father and to Jesus, because HE has the power to give relief, and whoever prays with a sincere heart, the Father will hear him!

You are so entangled in your mundanities, the news, the loosenings, etc., that you do not see what is already happening and how far the devil has advanced his evil plans! You are entrenched in his web of lies and hoping for 'normalcy' where the devil and his elite have already INITIATED the next step(s) for your demise!

Children, wake up and start praying!

Only through your prayer you can and will experience relief!

I, your Mother in Heaven, am very sad to see how easily you fall into the clutches of evil, and how short-sighted so many of you are.

I am deeply dismayed that so many of you are not implementing OUR word.

It is given to you for your salvation, yet you disregard it and do not implement it.

You will reap the fruits you have earned, and remember that only a good fruit grower who works and cares in devotion will reap a healthy harvest!

I love you very much, and Heaven united prays for you and stands by your side, but you too must pray, beloved children that you are, and ask Us for help and assistance.

I love you very much. Put prayer into action and pray for peace in these days, for bad is your world, and only your prayer will be able to hold back the worst.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of Salvation. Amen.