God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1338 -

Do not be used by him and those who pretend to be from Me!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Oh, My child. I am suffering very much. Your world has become cold, the hearts of men have made it cold, and My divine light does not interest them, My suffering on the cross does not interest them, and My love for them, for all the children of men -for you are creatures of God- does not interest them.

Your world is cold and ungrateful, it is merciless and ruled by the devil. Only a few stand up and fight for what is right. More important to them than My love is money, power and recognition. Everyone wants to be 'who' -you have turned away from Me and I cannot lead you.

Your hearts must warm up again, and you must seek My love! No money in the world can buy eternity for you! Your fall will be deep and merciless, should you not change and find Me, your Jesus.

And you, you shameful priests, bishops, scholars and hypocrites, you hurt My heart the most. How can you turn away from Me and bring so much disaster upon the faithful of your communities? You know too well that the one who pretends to be from Me is not, so stay away! Keep My Holy Word and do not change it! Keep My sanctuaries and do not abandon them to the pagan world and practices! What do you allow yourselves? Your punishment will be just, and My mercy will be bestowed upon you only IF YOU REPENT AND STOP BETRAYING ME, YOUR JESUS!

Do not follow Judah's example, but remain faithful to Me. Whoever betrays Me will be lost! Whoever cares more about money than his eternity, he too will be lost!

I warn you, My consecrated sons, for it is you who are to follow Me HONESTLY on earth.

My teachings are Holy! Whoever falsifies them is not worthy to be My servant!

I love you very much, and still you can convert. So find your way back to Me, to your Jesus, and do not be used by him and those who pretend to be from Me, and are not.

The devil has crept into My Holy Church, and well to him who resists, well to him who upholds My teachings, well to him who defends Me, His Jesus who loves Him so much and suffers for Him and for you! Blessed is he who loves Me honestly and sincerely, and blessed is he who remains faithful and devoted to Me. Amen.

Beloved priests, sons of Mine, I call you: Stay strong and do not be blinded, for the one who will come is not Me. I will come after him, but will NOT dwell among you. Amen.

Your and yours Jesus of the Holy Cross. Amen.