God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 134 -

Carry everything into confession, and ask God for forgiveness.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My child, My daughter, I, your Saint Joseph, want to encourage all Our children, especially those who are just finding Us: Give yourselves time.

Do not condemn yourselves.

Do not waste thoughts on old deeds that were sinful and do not martyr yourselves when you sin again.

On the other hand,carry everything to confession,and ask God, Our Lord, for forgiveness.

Accept sacrifices and be good to each other. At least try, and you will find that you will succeed more and more in staying away from sin and coming closer to Jesus and God the Father.

God, Our Father of all, gives so many graces in these so difficult times, and HE will speed up the process in you, for your salvation.

So always remain in trust and ask that Jesus, the saints, the angels and/or Mary, My so beloved Mary, guide you.

Like everything in life, your trust must be "learned", "practiced" and "strengthened". "Stay on the ball", therefore, as they would say with you, and give yourselves time. Go to rest and to your holy places. Then, My dear children, We, Heaven, can work Our miracles in you and strengthen your trust in Jesus and God the Father. You will be powerful and strong and recognize the way to Jesus and God the Father.

So be it.

Your Saint Joseph.

Prayer No. 18: Prayer to find the Father

Protect me My Lord, My Father, for with You I want to be.

In Your way I will find You and walk with You forever.


This is a simple prayer that will strengthen your faith and lead you to Jesus and God the Father.

This prayer was given by Angel Gabriel and Archangel Michael so that you may find your way back to God your Father.

Your Joseph.