God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1342 -

You must never believe this lie!

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Our Lady: My child. The times are not pleasant, but fear nothing. My Son stands ready, and these times will pass quickly.

Jesus: Hold on, beloved children that you are, for I, your Jesus, stand ready. Many children still desire the Father to repent. So pray for them, for the time that remains is short, very short.

The warning is at hand and good to him who has made himself ready, good to him who has confessed, atoned and truly repented, good to him who knows Me and is with Me, and good to him who has learned to discern.

God the Father: Children, dear children! You do not know what other atrocities the evil one has planned, but remain in prayer, and I, your Father in heaven, with Jesus, My holy angels and angelic hosts, will hold My protective hand over those who truly believe, pray and are faithful and devoted to My Son.

Jesus: My beloved priests, you have a hard time. After the warning, the persecution of your and My true believers really starts. Never be afraid because I, your Jesus, will be with you at every moment. You will not be lost. I, your Jesus, will lift you up, and you will be with Me.

Do not be afraid, beloved brothers and sisters (*), and remain faithful to Me, your Jesus, at all times. I will be with you. I will NOT leave you. Be assured that it is so. Amen.

Persecution will not last long. Believe firmly in it. For the time of the Antichrist will be shortened. You must remain faithful to Me at all times and never give in, for whoever accepts the mark of the beast will be lost, whoever pays homage to the beast and worships him will be lost. Your soul will die, that is, it will suffer eternal death in the realm of the beast and good to him who is spared this!

Children, the time is short! Your world is upside down, but you don't want to see it.

After the warning you will be persuaded that it was not a divine work. It will be reduced to an ungodly event, and many will make fun of it. You must never believe this lie, because if you do, you will soon be lost.


Children, if you knew how the 'string-pullers' make their 'puppets' play. You would think it is a play, some would cheer it, but most of you would only shake your heads! And truly it is no more than the play with you and your salvation!

You must realize it to understand it, beloved children that you are, for the devil is playing an evil game with you, and you are all too unprepared and joyfully falling into his traps set for you, and walking into his fishing nets spread all over your earth!

Children, see and recognize the evil game, and understand where it goes: there is only one goal, and this goal is your soul!

So understand what is happening, and never think it is accidental!

No war starts from only one person, never think it will be like that! The world power is dominated by the one, who wants to carry away the victory, and the game opponents which he uses for it don't matter! The world powers work ALL together, be sure of it, My children!

I, your Jesus, watch sadly how lost and ignorant you are! You must look further! You must recognize the evil game and those behind it! Only the one who does what the evil one wants will get ahead in this world of yours! Only the one who plays according to his rules will have 'success'! Only the one who pays homage to him will get ahead! One mistake and he is exchanged! Everyone is replaceable in the world of evil, EVERYONE!

These souls of those who successfully play this game will be lost, and I, their Jesus, will not be able to do anything for them. The interweaving of the network of the devil is stretched and interwoven over your entire globe, and whoever thinks that something happens by chance in your world, was and is and can be led behind the light/. You must awake and count 1 and 1 together: your world is ruled by eviland what is happening is planned, engineered and being carried out by him and his henchmen.

But, beloved children that you are, hold your prayer and your action against it! You must resist and not be followers at any time! You must act, always peacefully, and be in prayer! Your prayer holds back many things! Your prayer is the strongest weapon against the devil and his henchmen!

Remain faithful to Me, your Jesus, at all times! Stay alert! The time is short, and blessed is he who remains steadfast and devoted to Me! Blessed is he who prays and follows Me, his Jesus, to the end! Amen.

Beloved priests and faithful: the time will be short, and everyone who truly follows Me, his Jesus, will be lifted up. Amen.

I love you very much. Do not be afraid. I, your Jesus, am with you. Amen.

Many priests, sisters and brothers will give their lives for Me, and they will enter My Kingdom of Heaven. No one need be afraid, for he is not alone at any time.

It will be a difficult time, My child, My children, but never be afraid, for the Father keeps His promise! The time is shortened, believe firmly. Amen.

Thine and your Jesus with God the Father and Our Lady. Amen.

* Jesus explains to me: 'Brothers and sisters, for monasteries are also affected.'