God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1347 -

Blessed is the one who has brought himself to the safety of His Son!

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

My child. The war in Ukraine is only the beginning. Insidiously, the evil henchmen of the devil's elite are implementing their machinations, and you hardly have a chance to defend yourselves (against it). Superficially they present lies to you, and so many of you swallow them and accept them as the truth.

Children, you must pray, for only the prayer of all of you will save you from the worst atrocities!

The Father is merciful! Your prayers soften His heart, which is full of love for all His children! His chastening hand is held back by only a few of His beloved children, for HE is pure love, HE IS LOVE, and HE hears His pleading and begging earth children, YOU!

When His hand strikes, good to the one who has brought himself into the safety of His Son, your Jesus, for all who are not prepared will be struck, whether in one way or the other, therefore good to the one who is completely with his Jesus.

I, an angel of the Lord, tell you this so that you may pray and plead to the Father!

HE, Who is Almighty, will grant you His protection, for HE, Who is Almighty, is Love Himself, and every child who is prepared, HE will spare, and well to him who takes these words seriously, for the abominations are breaking loose, and you will not be able to do anything about it!

Children, be warned! I, your angel of the Lord, bring you this message today, so that you may be prepared and pray!

Only your prayer will bring you peace, only your all prayer! Only through your prayer will you obtain mitigation, only through the prayer of all of you! Only through devotion to Jesus will you be spared, only through your devotion to the Lord.

So pray, beloved children that you are, and find yourselves wholly in Jesus.

The warning will come, the Antichrist stands ready, and well to him who has learned to discern, for Jesus will not come until the end of this time. Amen.

I love you, beloved children that you are. Out of this love I bring you this message in agreement with God, the Most High!

Get ready, beloved children that you are!

Be ready and pray. Amen.

Your angel of the Lord. Amen.