God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1351 -

It Comes Directly from the Hell Realm of Satan!

Saturday, April 2, 2022

My child. Take the warning seriously, for it is the last moment given to you before the greatest evil, the greatest evils break loose.

As soon as the Antichrist shows his face, good to the one who is firmly anchored in My Son, his Jesus, because he (Antichrist) will deceive so many children and drag them into ruin. So be vigilant, because the one who is coming IS NOT MY SON, but he will be presented to you as such!

Do not fall for him, beloved children that you are, and keep Our Word, My and My Son's Word, in your heart, in your spirit, because: Jesus will come only at the end of this time, but the one who is coming now is not HE! My Son, your Jesus, will not dwell among you a second time.

So heed what I, your so much loving Mother in Heaven, say to you today, for he who heeds My Word will know how to discern! He will not fall for the adversary of My Son, and he will not swallow the lies of the False Prophet and accept them as true! He knows what is, where he stands and what is coming, and he will persevere to the end, if he has heeded My and Our Word and prepared himself.

Go, then, and share this message with all the children of the earth:

My Son will come, but will NOT dwell among you!

Stay alert, because the one who is coming is not My Son!

Keep away from the lies and hypocrisies of the False Prophet, because cleverly and deceitfully he deceives so many children, and more and more of you buckle, i.e. you let yourselves be confused by the confounder himself, who acts through him (False Prophet) and those who run away from him, so that you ALL get lost and no longer know how to distinguish!

So stay alert, because Jesus is coming only at the end of time! Amen.

Make this known. So many children are confused, and they need to pray for clarity to the Holy Spirit of the Father!

Make yourselves ready, for the warning is near. The end is coming quickly, but the time to get there is difficult for so many of you.

Plead with the Father that HE may grant restraint, mitigation and shortening, so that you may survive this last time, which cannot be surpassed by abominations, evils, outrages and sufferings.

You still have the chance to convert. Whoever is completely with Jesus will be led through this time!

Remain steadfast and very vigilant, because the one who is coming is washed with all the waters of hypocrisy and insidiousness. He will show himself as the good one, but he comes directly from the hell realm of Satan! He is his son and so cunning that you will hardly know him from Jesus.

Only a soul (human) established in Jesus will not fall for him, that is why your preparation is so important, beloved children that you are!

Whoever falls for the Antichrist, and it will be hard to resist him, so much charm and charisma he will have, will be lost, and My Son, your Jesus, will not be able to do anything for him.

So be ready, because the battle for souls will be fought, and only those who are ready for Jesus will find salvation.

I tell you this because I love you, and not one soul do I, your loving Mother in Heaven, Jesus, My Son who loves you so much, and God the Father, your Father in Heaven, want to see lost.

Convert! Be ready! For when the last battle is fought, good to the one who has given himself completely to Jesus, trusts in HIM, believes in HIM and remains faithful to HIM until the end. Amen.

He who waits will be lost, therefore pray, pray, pray! Heaven united is at your side, but you must ask Us to come to your aid. Amen.

You are free to choose, that is why your supplication is so important! Whoever pleads to the Father, whoever asks for His and Our help, We hasten to help him! But whoever goes the way alone, without asking Us, We will respect his decision!

You see, you are free to choose, for God the Father has given you, each one of you, free will, but remember that if you choose against Jesus, YOU AUTOMATICALLY CHOOSE THE DEVIL, EVEN IF SO MANY OF YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF IT!

So choose well, beloved children that you are, and get ready!

Everything is very near, and the Adversary does not sleep. Whoever is not ready for Jesus will be lost to him. Heed My words, for I give them to you, so that you may find your way to Jesus and into salvation. Amen.

In deep, motherly love I remain,

your loving Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

Be ready! Stay ready! The time is very short.