God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1356 -

…So That You Do Not Recognize This So Wonderful Gift As Such!

Friday, April 29, 2022

My child. My dear child. I, your loving Mother in Heaven, have come to tell you and the children of the earth today what now follows:

Prepare yourselves! Make yourselves ready! Be ready at all times!

Many of Our so beloved children are in doubt. They fear Our word may not be true. They are afraid, but hopeful, yet they are confused. Let Me, your loving Mother in Heaven, say the following:

The confounder is among you, and his veils are firmly upon your world. You are 'wrapped' in these veils of mist, and so many of you do not see clearly. You must always pray to the Holy Spirit of the Father and of My Son, your Jesus, for clarity and recognition, because only HE can lift these veils, and only HE can take you away from the fog of confusion, which always leads into aberration, that is, into wrong ways, and thus free you from doubts and (resulting) fears!

You must pray, My beloved flock of children, because without your prayer you are lost!

The time is difficult and very confusing, and it is absolutely necessary and of the utmost importance that you remain faithful and devoted to Jesus, My Son who loves you so much, YOUR Redeemer.

A very difficult time of confusion, of misguidance will now come upon you. So be warned, but do not fear. He who heeds Our word, implements it and lives it, will have nothing to fear. He will remain steadfast and clear. He will recognize.

Nevertheless, this is a time of discord, of division, and Jesus, My Son, is sorrowful and sad to see His beloved flock of children so divided.

You must remain warm-hearted and always in love, no matter what happens, no matter whom you meet, no matter how much 'one' mocks you and wants to lead you astray! Stay strong and faithful to Jesus, this is important!

Do not judge, do not try to force your opinion on people or impose it on them. It is a time of preparation for what is coming, and the warning will purify you and others and lead you even closer to My Son.

Pray for it, for you and for the world, because the warning is a gift that has never been given in this way.

Many, many children will be converted, so pray, pray, pray that there will be more and that even the greatest sinners will turn to Jesus!

The devil does not sleep. He will try to LEAD YOU ALL BEHIND THE LIGHT, so that you will not recognize and accept this so wonderful gift as such, but keep My words in your heart and in your spirit, because through the warning you and many will find completely to My Son, and by completely I mean such a special closeness and union, which only a prepared and believing soul can experience, will experience in all its purity and beauty.

My children. Do not be deceived and get ready and be ready, because whoever is ready for this so wonderful event will have, will feel, greatest joy. The more intimately you have prepared yourselves, the greater will be this joy, which cannot be compared with any, and I repeat NO earthly joy, so great, so blissful is it, that it cannot be described with earthly words.

Be aware that many unprepared souls will suffer. We have already given you the reasons for this.

And be sure that the adversary and his henchmen will do their utmost to make this event a nullity! They will do everything to put Our beloved children in doubt and confusion, but you must not allow that!

Enjoy this event and check if you are duly prepared for it! Do not let a day pass without your purification! Pray, pray, pray that you may remain clear and steadfast! Pray to the Holy Spirit! Pray to the Father in heaven!

Never believe those who walk by, and always remain faithful to My Son, your Jesus.

The time you have left is short. Use it and pray, pray, pray.

With deep love,

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of Redemption with Jesus, God the Father and the Lord's Saints and Holy Angels gathered here. Amen.