God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1358 -

Do not be deceived!

Monday, May 16, 2022

Pray for America!

My child. Difficult times await you, but persevere.

Beloved children that you are, never lose faith in Me, in your Jesus, and never lose your courage. Whoever is firmly and truly anchored in Me, his Jesus, whoever hopes in Me, his Savior, and whoever trusts in Me, his very loving Jesus, Who I Am, be told:

You will know how to discern when he who is not I comes.

You will know the lies that are spread and brought among My people of God.

You will be strong and steadfast and faithful to Me, your Jesus, until the end.

You will be enlightened by My Holy Spirit, but pray daily for clarity and protection to Him, protection so as not to fall into confusion, clarity so that you may recognize the lies and deceit.

I, your Jesus, Am with you, My children, for I, your Jesus, love and care for you.

Trust completely in Me, then you, if you are truly devoted to Me, will be guided through this difficult time, and the devil will NOT exercise his power over you, i.e. he will not get power over you, because you carry the protection of the Father, who loves you sincerely and holds His protective hand over those who are truly faithful and devoted and dedicated to Me.

So remain strong, beloved children that you are. The time will be hard, but I, your Jesus, will not leave you alone at any time.

Pray, pray, pray. Time will be shortened, but you must implore the Father for mitigation, protection and shortening of time.

The Antichrist is standing by. It is time, My children, it is time.

Be and remain ready so that the evil one cannot surprise you!

Be and remain ready so that you remain strong and alert!

Be and remain ready, for My warning is near, and good to him who is devoted and faithful to Me, his Jesus.

My child, My children. Hold on. The time is hard, but do not be deceived!

Never believe your mass media, because they lie as they are dictated.

Never believe your social media channels, because the lies are spread there too.

You must be vigilant, beloved children, and you must check. Many lies are in the net, but there is also the truth, but you will recognize it only if you are completely with Me, with your Jesus.

You do not have to know everything, beloved children that you are. Your prayer is the most important thing you have to do!

Through your prayer you will obtain so much good, and the important things and news will be given to you as if by chance. Do not seek them at any cost, for you are wasting precious prayer time.

It is a time of perseverance, and it is a time of prayer.

Your so-called relaxations will soon be taken away from you. You will 'have' to do and accept things in order to still live like a free man, but free you have not been for a long time.

The devil has your politicians firmly in the grip and only few dare to say something against his direction. So it is with all your celebrities, which 'run' daily and at night over your televisions.

Whoever says something against the general direction is not broadcast. His word is taken away or his word is changed and taken out of context.

Children, so wake up and face the, your reality!

You are all being led in one direction through all available media and social institutions such as schools, universities and other educational institutions, and this direction is set by the devil and through his followers. You, the people, have already nothing more to say, because who has another opinion is put down as a bogeyman!

Children, do you not see it? Your world has lost ALL morality, and there are only a few left who realize what is happening.

So stay completely in Me and hold out, because the time will now be very difficult, and good for him who trusts completely in Me, in his Jesus.

Your trust will be tested, beloved children that you are, and only he who does not buckle and remains totally and completely devoted to Me, his Jesus, will endure. Amen.

My child. My children. I, your loving Mother in Heaven, want to warn you:

Do not believe in further relaxations, do not believe that everything will now become normal. War is at your door, and greatest danger lurks where you do not believe it.

The war, beloved children that you are, is a production at the highest level. You would like to blame it (the staging, the war) on one person and one people, but it is not so. It is a set-up with human lives, planned for the destruction and control of so many of you.

Pray, My children, pray, for you do not know what will happen otherwise.

The bear is not sleeping, the dragon is active, and the children of Europe are on a powder keg. You are the target and playground of those who want control, and it is not the bear who wants to seize control. See him, like a mother bear whose children have been snatched from her and are now being mauled, by money and power obsessed western oriented upstarts of their own country/countries. They are exploited, mocked, persecuted, tortured and killed. No mother would let this happen idly to her children.

The great enemy fights back.

But the causer, who planned and directs everything, sits far away and feels safe. A false security for him and his subjects.

So pray, beloved children that you are, pray, for he who brings so much suffering to your world will be subjugated, but you must pray so that his people may awaken and not perish.

It is the USA of which I speak, beloved children that you are, and there are many good and faithful people living there. But a mighty chastisement will break loose, and you must pray for the children of America, for what was once still good and worthy has been contaminated and swamped by the devil and his followers, and so many children will perish because they live in delusion and untruth, turning their backs on My Son, or crafting their faith according to THEIR ideas.

What was once on a good path has brought immorality and suffering to your world. What was once built on great hope has become contaminated and rotten from within and in bondage to the devil.

Children, pray for America, for chastisement will spare no one who is not truly, sincerely and honestly devoted to My Son. Amen.

I love you very much.

My son loves you very much.

Pray and stay ready.

Your loving Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of Redemption and Jesus, your Savior who loves you so much. Amen.