God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1366 -

You must never give in!

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Your trust will be severely tested!

My child. Difficult days are dawning, but do not fear. My Son's children are taken care of. You must never give in (to hopelessness and other). Remain strong and ready at all times, for the date of your redemption approaches with each passing day. Remain strong and ready at all times, for the date of your redemption approaches with each passing day. You will be lifted up and the New Kingdom will be your home, but you must not give in.

Stay strong, beloved children of the Remnant Army, stay strong, ready and faithful. Jesus cares. The Father provides. His chastening and righteous hand will strike only those who are far from My Son. He who remains faithful and devoted has nothing to fear.

Have provisions ready. Here, too, the Father will provide and increase should this be necessary. Believe and trust! Your trust will be severely tested in these days and the days to come.

So remain faithful to Jesus at all times and do not confuse HIM. The one who is coming is not My Son. The one who says he is HE is not. My Son, your Jesus, will not dwell among you a second time!

So have this firmly before your eyes and engraved in your minds: The one who comes and is presented to you as the Savior IS NOT IT!

So stay strong and hold on. There will come a very bad time, and the children who have given themselves to the devil will celebrate the one who is not My Son!

But you, beloved children of the remnant army, must remain strong in faith and trust, because many will fall, who are not firmly anchored in My Sonand want to convince you that the Antichrist is the Messiah.

Do not fall for them! Know that Jesus comes only after this time, but never dwells among you, as they, those who have come along and gone astray, want you to believe.

Do not believe the lies! My Son is with those who are truly devoted to Him! His Holy Spirit helps you to discern and to know the truth!

So pray and plead for clarity and knowledge daily to the Holy Spirit, so you will be preserved from confusion and aberration and will recognize the evil one! Ask for steadfastness and perseverance, use the prayers, novenas and litanies to the Holy Spirit!

Pray, beloved children, pray and plead that you do not fall prey to lies, and are able to discern them! This discernment is given to you by the Holy Spirit when you pray and supplicate to Him! Amen.

Ask the Father for mitigation and shortening of time. Much has already been averted and/or mitigated.

Your prayer is important! Through your prayer numerous miracles happen! So use prayer and do not stop praying!

I love you very much.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.