God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1373 -

Do not become accomplices!

Thursday, August 18, 2022

My child. When the sun passes away, it will be cold on earth. So they are now trying to 'cover' the sun, that is, to put an artificial layer between it, the sun, and your earth. You know this, because this 'attempt' should have been made long ago. So when the sun passes away, know that a great cold is befalling your earth.

You have nothing to fear, for the Father cares for you. Know that the failed attempt will be realized, shall. So pray much, for where there is no sun, there will be neither warmth nor life. Nothing fruitful will grow, because your plants need the sunlight. Your animals cannot live without sun (sunlight), YOU cannot live without it.

So pray much and stop all attempts, plans and implementations in this regard! You must stand against it, because without the sun you will be sick, without it drought and fruitlessness will come over your fields, forests and gardens, without it, the sun and its radiant light, you will be weary, sad and unable to live.

So pray a lot, because the evil one has planned worst! Do not allow your sun to be 'covered', no matter what lies they present to you for this! Know that climate change is one of the biggest, most money-making and cornering you manipulation of those WHO DO NOT LOVE YOU, and so many of you are falling for this lie! So many 'fight' for this lie in the deep belief that they are doing good and do not see how much they are playing into the hands of the devil and his elite and granting and ENABLING them even more power for all their outrages!

Children wake up and stop the evil game! The Lord, your Creator, created this earth in perfect harmony and in perfect love for you, His children! Do not play with fire (!), because you will burn yourselves, and even worse you will take away your living space, so perfectly created by the Father, by allowing all the evil that the Evil One is doing to destroy your living space - and thus YOUR! - and even cheering and helping him without even being aware of it.

Wake up and stop this destruction of your world!

Pray to the Holy Spirit, so that you can see clearly! Only HE will give you clarity, only HE!

Do not listen to all the lies that are presented to you day in and day out everywhere! Look out and see what is really happening! Your media are full of lies, fomented by the one who IS AGAINST YOU! But there are also the good ones, who tell you the truth, but to these you give no hearing, and even worse: You dismiss them as fools, liars and even worse, without even once looking a bit further and looking deeper and really listening! For if you did that, beloved children that you are, you would know the truth!

So pray to the Holy Spirit to make you know the truth, and stop playing to the evil one and his elite constantly and willingly and joyfully! You lead yourselves and your children to the slaughter and do not see it! Wake up, turn around and find back to the true way!

Jesus is the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Whoever is with Jesus will get through this time. So give yourselves a jolt and say YES to HIM, to your Savior, because only HE will deliver you from all misery, only HE, your Jesus!

Do not wait any longer and take the first step! He who continues to play to the devil will dig his own grave, and he will take many innocent children with him.

Do not become accomplices by continuing to sleep and wake up, turn around and start praying!

Your prayer is strong, and it does so much good!

Turn back and do not continue to represent the concerns of the evil one!

I, your loving Mother in Heaven, warn you: Whoever does not convert, whoever plunges innocent people into corruption, My Son will not defend him. The just punishment will befall him on the Day of Judgment.

So convert now and look the truth in the face!

Terrible evils are planned and will be implemented, but your prayer persists against them!

So pray and convert, those who have not yet found My Son.

The time is short. Convert yourselves now. Amen.

With love,

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

Things are bad for your earth (world). Amen.

Excerpt St. Bonaventure: 'Men must, dear child, convert now, for otherwise a wind will blow that will bring destruction, evil, hardship to you, so pray much, My dear children.'