God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1375 -

Where I am not, there is My adversary!

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

My child. Difficult times await your world (earth), but he who is with Me has nothing to fear.

I, his Jesus, will carry him through this now coming time, and the evil one will not be able to seize him, if he is truly, sincerely and honestly devoted to Me, his Jesus, is always faithful to Me, his Savior, and defends Me, his Savior, before ALL!

Do not allow Me, your Jesus, Savior, Who I Am, to be despised, blasphemed, harassed and degraded and dishonored!

All this is happening in your churches today. So many of My consecrated servants, are not (My servants)! They do not honor Me, they conform to the world and the worldly. They are advocates of My Word instead of passing it on unadulterated!

They do not feed My sheep, but lead them to the slaughter.

Children, wake up and recognize!

Your time is thoroughly contaminated by evil!

Those who should truly love Me, do not!

They will ALL HAVE TO RESPOND before Me and My Most Holy Father in Heaven, God, their and your Creator!

But they are dragging so many of My beloved children on the wrong path and into hopelessness, because: Where I am not, there is My adversary, and he is dragging you into his corruption!

So be vigilant, beloved children that you are, because there are many wolves in sheep's clothing that have spread in My Holy Church.

Be vigilant and always faithful to Me, your Jesus!

Do not believe those who come along, for they bring you corruption, and corruption you will reap if you are not faithful to Me, your Jesus!.

This applies to ALLMy children, whether consecrated to Me in service or not!

Be vigilant, for the devil has spread in My Church, and good to him who knows how to discern, good to him who loves Me, his Jesus, with all his being, good to him who is faithful to Me, good to him who is truly devoted to Me. Amen.

I love you very much, beloved priests that you are, but you must decide. Amen.

Your Jesus, Who I Am and Will Be. Always. Amen.