God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1377 -

Your own existence... The measure of your boundless wickedness is full!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

My child. When the darkest time dawns, do not fear. My Son is with you. So tell the children of the earth:

I, your Mother in Heaven, love you very much.

Always have courage, for the last time passes very quickly.

Do not wait for the warning to come, but BE READY FOR IT!

Do not wait for My Son to come, but BE AND STAY READY FOR HIM!

Do not wait for the evil to spread, but PRAY, PRAY AND PRAY!

Your prayer keeps so much away, it changes for the good, and it gives you strength and confidence, perseveranceand faithfulness and hope!

Do not be blind, do not be deaf!

The evil one is raging in your world, and so much is being KEPT SECREPT to you by your media, by your politicsand the come alongs! They, the followers of evil, work in the dark, so look closely and listen carefully, because so much of their planned outrages they reveal to you, but you do not hear it, you do not understand it, because you close yourselves from the truth and have buried yourselves in your comfort zone, withdrawn and as long as you are not PERSONALLY oppressed (affected), you look away and do not listen!

Children, your prayer is needed, so desperately it is needed! And your charity, which is being pushed away more and more by so many of you.

You are concerned in the first place for the time being only for your welfare, but unfortunately also in the second, third and all to come. You are concerned about your welfare and do not look at the misery of the others!

You are worldwide in a devil's wheel, which the evil one has forged with his elite, and in which you are caught. You ruin your countries and with it your own existence. But until you yourselves are not in need, you remain in your so comfortable comfort zone, but, beloved children that you are, once the need has reached you, it will be too late to turn back!

Look, beloved children that you are, Look at what is happening in your beloved Europe!

Look who is pulling the strings!

It is such a sad picture to see you -the children of Europe- so caught up, but it is happening through your inaction, through your apostasy, through your lukewarmness, beloved children, through your lukewarmness!

Awake and begin to pray! Stand against this madness that is happening in your countries! You, the people, have the power to do so! Know, that when trouble comes to you, knocking at your door, it will already be too late! You can sell yourselves to the devil, but this will only bring you more suffering! Therefore, wake up and give your yes to Jesus!

Pray for repentance! Pray for peace! Pray that the Father in heaven show mercy! The Father loves you, but the measure of your boundless wickedness is full!

Atone, beloved children, atone for the sins committed in your world! For so many, the murder of unborn life has become a matter of course! Children, where will this lead you?

Do you not see how cunning the devil is?

Do you not see the tricks with which he works?

Only you are important, and out of this importance pretty much ANYTHING is allowed, like the murder of innocent people, of unborn life!

Your needs are given great importance, and you do not see the traps behind, do not see, how you go further and further away from the true path, and do not see, how you go into the tentacles of the devil.

Children, awaken, because if you put yourselves and your needs first, you will fall, very deeply, and My Son will not be able to take you when the time comes.

Awake! Turn back! Pray and plead!

You have only a short time left. Amen.

I love you very much.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.