God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 138 -

He who walks the Divine Way is tethered to the graces and wonders of Heaven.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My child. Sit with Me and listen to what I have to say to all the children of this earth: I, your Holy Mother in Heaven, place My Holy Mantle of Protection over all who trust in My Son. Thus you will be protected from the snares of the evil one and will not fall for his lies. You will be strong to defend and uphold the Holy Word of God and the life of My Holy Son of perfect devotion to His Father, God Most High, and in deep love for all God's children, and you will be able to survive this time of terror and accept in love all the trials and purifications that God the Father still desires.

Joy will be your companion, for whoever is under My mantle of protection, his heart will shout for joy. I will let My Maternal love and My joy, given to Me through your trust, your prayers and your works, flow back into your hearts, and nothing will be able to shake this joy.

My children. He who walks the Divine Way is tied to the graces and wonders of Heaven. Therefore, My children, trust and follow Jesus, the holiest of your brothers, and become one with Him. Give HIM your YES and get to know the joys and glories of heaven already here on your earth, because whoever confesses to My Son will be granted these wonderful gifts, and his life will be one that is happy and fulfilled in the heart.

So be it.

Your loving Mother in heaven. Mother of all God's children.

Thank you, My daughter. (Jesus is there and smiles)