God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1381 -

The Final Battle Has Been Called!

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Sit with Me, My child, and listen to what I, your Mother in Heaven, have to say today to the children of the world:

Children, make haste, for the end is coming quickly!

When it rolls in, good to him who is faithful and devoted to Jesus, for only HE, your all Savior, will save and protect you from the very worst, only through HIM, through Jesus Christ, My Son who loves you ALL so much and is most Holy, will you be saved from the fall into the fires of hell, which is in store for ALL who have NOT believed in My Son!

Children, be warned! The final battle has begun, do you not see it?

Your only hope is Jesus, Son of the Almighty, Who wants to save you ALL, but you MUST give Him your irrevocable and absolutely from (your) heart honest and sincere YES (for it)!

He who remains entangled in the material world WILL NOT BE RAISED INTO HIS KINGDOM!

He who takes the mark of the beast WILL BELONG TO THE BEAST - THE SATAN!

Whoever is a stooge of the evil one will receive just punishment! Even if he thinks that the devil will give him rich gifts, he will only 'inherit' what he has sown during his lifetime!

The devil lies and deceives, and so many of Our children have already gone astray. They follow evil WITHOUT the prospect of Jesus, Who is the Savior of you all! He digs his own grave, he who follows the devil and has gone astray, and will reap the depths of hell if he does not repent, find to Jesus and give Him his irrevocable YES.

Children, children, be warned: the end is very near, but worst times are coming.

Antoni already warned you, so listen to the call that I also send you today, because the Father is concerned, beloved children that you are, for you, My children, for each one of you.

He who is lost has no prospect of glory in eternity. He will not be elevated to the New Kingdom of My Son, which will open its gates soon, very soon. He will NOT enter Purgatory, because when the time of decision has come, the last battle fought and fought out, then only the Kingdom of Hell will be open to you, you who have NOT converted in time!

The fall will be deep, and it will be full of horror! You already realize in the fall what you have prepared for yourselves, by your comfort, your persistence in this world, your emulation of those who lie to you and deceive you, your individualism, (ego), your pride,...the list is long, My children, it is so unspeakably long.... you have prepared.

Children awake! Still you have time! When the gates of the New Kingdom open, you will have no choice, for only the one who is faithful to My Son will find entrance, BUT ALL OTHERS PERISH IN THE SULFUR AND HELL FIRE OF THE DEVIL!

Distress and suffering and eternal torment will be your merit, ONLY BECAUSE YOU WANT NOT TO RETURN!

Children, children, listen to Our Word! Take to heart the words of St. Antoni Maria Claret and change! Only your conversion will free you from the clutches of the evil one, only your conversion to Jesus, beloved children that you are.

But if you persistin your comfort of the world here, remain entangled and do not careabout Jesus,then be told:.

My Son, your Savior, will not be able to do anything for you!

The moment you fall into the hellfires, there is no turning back!

You will not be saved and you will have to suffer, suffer, suffer!

Your ignorance will not protect you!

Your recognition will then be too late!

Listen to My word in these messages and convert!

Only Jesus is the way!

Only through Jesus you will attain the glory in eternity! Only through HIM, beloved children that you are, only through Jesus. Amen.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of Salvation. Amen.