God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1384 -

The Devil Believes Himself Already at the Goal!

Monday, November 14, 2022

My child. Difficult times are ahead of you, your world, but fear nothing. I, your Jesus, will be with you, and I, your Jesus, will lead you through these difficult and shattering times.

My child. Planned by a long hand, evil is now implementing itself more and more visibly in your world. The plans of those who do not love you, but (want to) control you, are now implementing themselves more and more. The devil believes himself already at the goal, so also his worshippers and henchmen, however:

He will never reach his goal as long as you, beloved children of the remnant army, exist, and that is exactly why he is so bent on abolishing you and My Holy Church, but he will never succeed!

Your prayers, beloved children that you are, bear fruit, because the Father hears you! We, heaven united, stand by your side!

Never stop praying, for by your prayer you mitigate so much!

Never stop praying, for by your prayer you change for the good!

The devil's plans are disturbed and thwarted by your prayers, beloved children!

So use prayer and pray much and unceasingly also the rosaries of My Most Holy Mother, Mary, because through HER you obtain graces that the Father and I, your Jesus, grant ONLY THROUGH HER!

So much disaster could have been spared you, if only you had taken My Mother's messages seriously and IMPLEMENTED THEM! But it is not yet too late to hold off the very worst.

The Father is merciful, and HE loves each one of you, but your sins, beloved children of the earth, 'stink' up to heaven! Pray and repent, for only through repentance will you not be lost, only through repentance will your sins be forgiven!

So many beloved children are atoning for you sinners, but the measure of sin has been reached. It is overflowing, and only through repentance and penance and conversion will you experience mercy in your lives as well. But make haste, for:

Mercy gives way to justice, and if you have not used the hour of mercy, it will look bad for you!

So begin with a YES to Me, to your Jesus, who loves you so much and waits for your address and desist from sin!

With every sin you commit, you give power to the devil over you!

With every omitted prayer, you let him rule in your world!

It is your lukewarmness and unbelief that bring this world of yours down!

You approve of the sins and do not see how deeply you are already involved with the devil!

Only your conversion will give you salvation, but should you not repent, then the devil will have absolute power over you and torture and torment you incessantly.

But those who have found Me, their Jesus, obtain My mercy and the New Kingdom, My New Kingdom, will be given to them, but it requires purification, preparation and deep faith, beloved children, in Me, in your Jesus. Amen.

Use the time you have left and prepare. No child do We want to see lost, but whoever does not prepare will be lost. Amen.

The time is near, and My return will be, but My adversary will come first, and blessed is he who is fully established in Me, in his Jesus, and knows how to discern. Amen.

Pray to the Holy Spirit daily for clarity, for confusion is great in your world, falsehood immense, and many children go astray.

Pray and remain completely with Me, beloved children of the Remnant Army.

I love you very much.

Your Jesus, Who I Am. Amen.

Fear not, for where there is prayer, there am I.

Where there is prayer, the Father helps.

Where there is prayer, I give graces!

Where there is prayer, many silent miracles happen. Amen.