God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1388 -

The Murder of Innocent People…!

Friday, December 9, 2022

My child. Sit with Me and listen to what I, your loving Mother in Heaven, have to say today to the children of the earth:

Children, My beloved children, do not sin!.

Abortion is the greatest sin of your world today, because you are violating the unborn life and you are doing it with a self-evidence never seen before!

You transgress against God, the Most High, because only HE, WHO created you all, is authorized to give life and to take it, the life, away! But you must never take life of another, kill it, end it or hasten death!

Children, My beloved children, do not do to yourselves this misery that awaits you if you take away the unborn life!

Your soul will suffer, suffer, suffer, and in the most agonizing states of torment it will fall, because this sin is the greatest, the worst offense of your present time -of all times-, and this matter-of-factness with which you do this, and your excuses to this murder, are absolutely and thoroughly shameful, and devastating they will affect your eternity!

Children, it is not too late. Those of you who have committed this offense, this mortal sin, may hope for the mercy of My Son, provided they convert and deeply repent of this so sinfully shameful and exceedingly repulsive act!

Confess, atone and repent, beloved children, for it is only through your deep contrition and your willingness to repent that you will not be lost for having committed this act!

To all doctors who use these practices: Be warned, you butchers, for it is nothing else that you do! You assault defenseless children of God and do this as if it were a normal procedure WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES!

But the consequences are devastating and will also catch up with you if you do not stop it right now and ask Jesus for forgiveness!

Only your repentance and penance will save you from the disaster of hell(!), only your conversion to My Son will save you from the devastating (for you) sin punishments!

But it requires deepest repentance, My children, and repentance, repentance, repentance!

Obtain indulgences, My children, for all those who pass away with this sin, because if you do not, they will go to eternal ruin, and their eternity will be full of torment and anguish and eternal suffering(s).

Children, My dear children, awake!

Jesus is merciful, and the hour of mercy still strikes! But as soon as it has passed, woe to him who is judged with this mortal sin. Amen.

My child. It is of extraordinary importance that the children of the earth take this message seriously. Write it in capital (letters). We will show it to you as you write it, My child.

Your Mother in Heaven. Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

The murder of innocents is the greatest offense of your times. Amen.