God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1389 -

Stay ready... It is still not too late...!

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Jesus will soon be born

and then shining light appears again

down to your ball of earth,

so rejoice and stay awake, for soon

already he is coming who is not Jesus,

he only brings you all a lot of crap,

and all our children

must now and always be careful.


Stay alert and ready, dear people,

for soon, soon, the bells of heaven will sound.


The Lord is coming, dear child,

but first comes a time that will be bad.

But fear not, and be ready,

for the Lord is coming soon, so be ready at all times. (/CENTER]


And His warning now not far off it is,

so stay away from all the crap,

that is offered in your world,

which is in a very bad state,

where many children are suffering,

whether through disease, hunger or other causes

from the evil one and his henchman lie',

all of whom it really pleases,

to see you suffer and in misery,

but, dear child, it's not too late.


So repent and become pious people,

for then the sounds of heaven will bring you joy and happiness.


But he who waits and does not convert

will not hear, and the time will be hard

and unbearable for this child',

who are so far from the Lord they are. (/CENTER]




Convert then, it is high time,

for soon the sound of the bells of heaven will be heard'

must be ready and faithful to the Lord,

and HE comes to you, My little children,

when the Antichrist sweeps away,

so hold on, turn back, it is not too late.


But the dark time is breaking,

woe to him who does not remain ready for the Lord! (/CENTER]


His fall will be deep, and forever

he will regret, so remain in the light

of the Lord Christ, Our Jesus,

who is born on Christmas Eve fine

and gives us light and confidence,

and gives us love, and no judgment

it will hold over him who is faithful and dear to HIM

follows to the end and loves HIM sincerely. (/CENTER]


These children experience His mercy

on the Day of Judgment, so be and remain ready,

for if you do not, dear children, great and small,

it will soon be too late for all of you already.


The Lord is love and mercy,

and out of this you escape all suffering,

which you would experience, because of your sins,

that is why it is so important to strive for purity,

for the Lord forgives if you confess, repent and atone,

repent, it is not too late. (/CENTER]


Repent ye then, good people,

for the Lord was born for all of you.


And with His love, which HE gives

to each one of you, you always have courage

and strength and joy to stand by HIM,

so run to HIM, it's not too late.


With love,

Your Bonaventure