God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1391 -

You Are at the End of the Way! Who Does Not Decide, Has Already Decided!

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

My child. Difficult times break.

The radiation is big, and it will become more and more. Your telecommunication towers, equipped with 5G technology, do no good to any of Our human children and serve only one purpose: to control, manipulate and reduce you.

Children wake up, for what is happening worldwide is a set-up by the upper elite, who are devotedly serving and paying homage to the One WHO DOES NOT LOVE YOU, who is responsible for all your wars, strife, misery, suffering, etc. on an outsized scale!

They play with you, like with game pieces on a dice board. They bring you there, where they would like to have you, and you cheer them also still. They promise you security, but they lead you to loss and death. They say -they feign- to be the good guys, but they are responsible for all your and the world's catastrophes behind your back!

Children wake up, because like game pieces on a board you are exchangeable. You are pushed back and forth and run voluntarily in the direction which is given to you BY THEM!

You eat their lies and still applaud them! You support them IN EVERYTHING, and you do not even get it, because you let yourselves be lied to and you do not open your eyes and you do not see the truth and you do not even want to see it!

And exactly in this way you play more and more to the devil and his elite and run to him 'with good conscience'- because you are blind and closed for the truth- into the tentacles and grant him more and more power over you, your world, your world events!

Children, do you not see it? You are at the end of the way, and there are only 2 possibilities for you:

To continue to walk blindly and deafly into ruin or to turn back, to look the truth in the face and accept it, to recognize it, so that you find Jesus and follow HIM faithfully and devotedly!

Who does not choose Jesus, My Son who loves you so much and is waiting for you, automatically chooses His adversary. Be aware(!) of this, because whoever follows the adversary, consciously or unconsciously, will go to ruin, and his soul will not and cannot be saved.

So you have the choice: Jesus and paradise or eternal perdition in the kingdom of Satan.

Choose well, My children, because not much time remains for you. If you do not choose very soon, you will soon run out of options.

Time is running out for you, beloved children that you are, so make your decision well and wisely, because only a child who honestly loves Jesus will be elevated at the end of the road.

So take My word to heart, for I, your Mother in Heaven, love you very much. No child do We wish to see lost, but it is up to you to make your decision.

The Father has given you Free Will in the hope you will choose wisely and prudently.

Whoever decides for Jesus decides wisely and prudently, but whoever does not, let it be said to him:

Your eternity will be sealed and your soul will be filled with suffering. It will be tortured and tormented, and this torture and torment no child on earth knows. So decide with your heart and do not be foolish: only a soul that is with Jesus will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only the one who loves Jesus will be lifted up!

Consider My words and do not wait until the time is up, because then it will be too late for you.

I, your Mother in Heaven, love you very much.

Listen to My word in these messages and find Jesus, for ONLY THROUGH HIM WILL YOU BE SAVED, only through HIM and enter with HIM into His New Kingdom.

He who does not decide has already decided!

So be wise and prudent and pray much to the Holy Spirit for clarity and enlightenment, that you may discern and make your decision wisely and prudently. Amen.

With deep motherly love.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

Make this known. Our children MUST make up their minds. Amen.