God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1399 -

Only by the Sin in You and in Your World the Infestation Is Great! He Promises What He Will Never Keep!

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Message of February 09, 2023

My child. The plagues in your world are increasing. The elite 'scatters' them over you, and many animals, plants as well as your agriculture are affected by extremely high poisoning, which also gets into you (humans).

Fear not, but bless all your edibles, every meal and everything you ingest.

The blessing of My Son, My Holy Spirit, and Me, the Father in Heaven, God, Who I Am, protect you, and what you take in will not be able to harm you. Remember that your drinking water also carries the poisonous substances, so bless it before you ingest it and ask and pray for protection from all external 'attacks' (impacts), because (also) through air, animals and people you will get sick when you come in contact with these poisons, viruses and novel bacteria.

Protect yourselves, dear children, through blessing and prayer.

My saints are with you, and whoever asks them will experience protection.

Ask also your Holy Guardian Angel to guide you and pray for you with Me at the throne. His prayers ascend to Me, so ask him daily in the morning and evening and whenever you think of him.

Your guardian angel is unique, that is, he is there for you, protecting and blessing you, and is always by your side. He can do so much for you, for he is appointed by Me to give you protection, yet most of you consider him 'God-given he must do this' and care little or nothing for him. Children, ask him, and so much easier will everything become for you, so much still unused power will he use for your welfare, if you ask him and thank him! Daily!

My children. One of the plagues that is already again afflicting children of the earth, is leprosy. Fear not and pray much. My Son, your Jesus, CAN heal everything! Every sickness HE can take from you, and from every disease HE can save you.

But you must not sin, beloved children that you are! It is only through sin in you and in your world that the infestation is great!

The elite does not sleep! They continue to tinker with catastrophes, diseases, collapses and downfall!

Only your fervent prayer will save you from the worst. Only your fervent prayer and supplication!

The Antichrist is among you. He will show his true face as soon as he is in control, i.e. believes himself to be at the goal of his one-world government and religion.

So many children he will have corrupted, so many children he will have on his conscience, and so many children he will deliver to his father in hell!

It is a cruel game he is playing, and the saddest thing is that so many children are willing to 'play along'. They will all be deceived by the father of lies himself!

His son is the executive organ here on earth. He plunges you into wars, misery, distress and suffering. He brings hunger, confusion and chaos, and My children are not steadfast.

He lulls you! He promises what he will never keep! He flatters you! He acknowledges you! But all this is transient, and as soon as he no longer needs you, you will be 'dropped'!

He 'hooks' you with and through temptations, and once you have taken the bait, he will not let you go. Some are forever wriggling on the 'fishhook', others 'get loose' BECAUSE THEY PUT THEMSELVES IN HIS SERVICE!

Children, be warned! Those who play with the Antichrist are playing with fire that cannot be put out. It brings corruption, and nothing good remains!

So be vigilant and listen to My word! Do not get involved with him and pray a lot.

Your prayer preserves you! Your prayer keeps you strong and steadfast!

Accept NOTHING from him! As soon as you play his game, you have and are lost!

Do it neither to him nor to the elite! Stay strong, do not lie and stay honest!

You should not accept anything that comes from him!

Many plagues shall be brought among you. So keep My instructions and pray, pray, pray.

I, your Father, intervene. The time is near, but a terrible time is coming.

Hold on. You will be taken care of if you are completely with Me, faithful, devoted and always surrendered.

Pray. Your prayer accomplishes so much good, and it accomplishes the miracles of this time. Amen.

Many of the planned evils could not be realized yet. The devil is raging very much about it. It is through your prayer that his plans are thwarted again and again.

So pray, beloved children that you are, and pray for repentance.

Take the prayers from message 1393 and 1394. They do so much good. A small act of atonement with great power. Amen.

Your and your Father in heaven.

Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. Amen.

Atonement for the Conversion of Souls

(From message no. 1393)

Dearest Father. I offer up to You this act of atonement, for the repentance of sinners in

Politics: 1 Hail Mary

Economy: 1 Hail Mary

Finance: 1 Hail Mary

Science: 1 Hail Mary

Health care: 1 Ave Maria

Schools (ministries of culture, education, etc.): 1 Ave Maria

Universal Church: 1 Ave Maria

Furthermore, I pray for repentance of all sinners in the world. Accept My prayer of atonement, dearest Father, for the repentance of all the children of men. Amen.

My children. This is a short act of atonement, powerful and with great effect, if you commit it with a pure and from a deep heart. Amen.

Dear Children. 7 Hail Marys for the conversion of sinful humanity. Accept this prayer and commit this act of reparation with a loving, intimate and supplicating heart. The more children convert, the milder the end times will be.

So make atonement, beloved children that you are. The Father is most pleased with those who make this atonement in love. You can repeat it daily. The more you atone, the more atonement you offer to Jesus and the Father, the greater the effect. Amen.

Prayer of Atonement for the Repentance of One's Family and Loved Ones

(From message no. 1394)

Dearest Mother. I offer up to you this act of atonement for the repentance of all my loved ones in my family.

Pray: 3 Hail Marys.


Carry your loved ones in your heart, My children. It is important to carry them in love in your heart as you make your prayer of atonement for them. You can do this for all your family members and reinforce it by calling Me their names or giving Me a mental image of them. Amen.