God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-08 -

At Holy Place on February 16, 2023

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Message from John

My child. I did not understand everything that I saw, but an angel explained to Me what would happen and when it would happen. He also said that it would be up to the (human) children themselves how much destruction, murder, devastation, pestilence, disease, misery, wars and many other evils would come upon them or they would have to endure. He told me that the worst, most terrible, most cruel time would be that of the Antichrist, the opponent (adversary), of Our Messiah, Jesus Christ. I asked Him why this was happening, and He answered: "Because the children no longer believe." This was very sad for Me.

The greatest bitterness for the children of men, I saw it, was the deception, the betrayal of the Antichrist. A sorrowful time and statement. Child after child was lost to the devil in his hell, and NOBODY could stop it or do anything about it. They fell dead like dead flies or vermin into hell to suffer eternally....

My greatest bitterness, or I prefer to say disappointment, was to see how apparently the death of the cross, His sacrifice, His love, His teaching and His way for all children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven was trampled upon.

The apostasy was great, too great. That is the only reason why the Antichrist and other 'evil ones' were allowed to gain so much power.

My child. It was a terrible, miserable time when the children had to suffer a lot.

If the children had prayed, the book would not have been so bitter. It made me sick to my stomach. The apostasy, My children, brings the very greatest sins. The lack of prayer, the love for the Lord, which you have lost, brings you misery and suffering.

The recompense will come sooner than you think.

What I saw so long ago is what is happening today.

The end times, My children, are here. You live in them, and you can still change your 'destiny'.

Find your way back to the Lord, because only those who are with Jesus Christ, their Savior and Redeemer, will be lifted up and will not be lost. But all others who did not find their way to the Lord, I saw fall like vermin into hell. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.