God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-09 -

At Holy Place on February 17, 2023

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Message from John

My child. I, your John, will instruct you.

What I saw, and what I wrote, was like a shock to Me. Jesus, Our Savior, had just endured so much suffering(s), ransomed you and Me and ALL the children through His death on the cross, and then I saw what the angel showed Me and I had to weep, yes, weep bitterly, because I thought HIS work of redemption would have been in vain, if yet the world was perishing as it had been shown to Me....

It was very sad for Me, but We know that HIS work of redemption was NEVER in vain!

So many children have already attained Eternal Life at His side and with the Father in Heaven. So many conversions there have been, and will be! So many people were allowed to experience so much love, pure, living, divine love through Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, WHO HE IS.

Nevertheless, at that time I was very sad and sorrowful and sick to my stomach with bitterness that the book brought to me.

You will be deceived, children of the earth, in the most diabolical way and this, My children, is already happening!

You will recognize the deception when it is already too late for most of you!

There is only repentance, which will save you from eternal death and suffering in hell under the most agonizing tortures and torments!

You will be the vermin of the earth, which I saw, and which fell into hell, because you did not want to hear, because you were stubborn and hard-hearted, because you did not want to believe and did not want to see, because you preferred to give power and faith to evil, rather than to your Messiah, Jesus Christ, who ransomed you with His most holy and precious blood on the cross!

You did not want to listen and you will be the vermin that I saw and about which I was very sad.

My book was written, but it is changeable. It contains the truths of your present time, but it has never been decreed.

The angel showed Me what would happen at the end of time if the children (people) do not repent.

He showed Me the great apostasy, the wars and the pestilences.

I saw how the Holy Angels of the Father protected the children recorded in the Book of Life.

I saw the power of the prayers of those children who are completely with Jesus.

I saw how everything was still changeable through the fervent prayer and supplication of the believing children, could change everything.

But I also saw the indifference, the selfishness and the lukewarmness of others. I saw the cunning and the decay of your morals. I saw the murder of innocent life.

I saw so much cruelty and I became sad, very sad and sick (afflicted).

I asked the angel of the Lord: Why (all this)?

And he answered Me: Because mankind uses its free will against God instead of loving Him.

My children. You can still change through your prayer.

Your conversion is the condition that you do not perish like the vermin that I saw.

I saw how the world was cleansed and destroyed in ruins, fire, earthquakes and catastrophes of inhuman ways and hands, how in it the children of death perished, and how the children of the light of Jesus, the faithful, believing and loving children were raised.

In a moment it was all over, the cruel battle of the underworld and heaven. So much fear. So much fear. Yet there were praying children united before candles in their or neighbor -houses. They prayed for 3 days. And they prayed for 3 nights. And after that it became light, and there was a New World. And only the children of prayer and faith survived. I am talking about the New Kingdom of the Lord.

But what you have to endure will be bad. What you will go through will be hard and fearful. What you will have to endure will bring death to many. What you will have to suffer will not be easy.

Believe in Jesus Christ, and you will not be alone!

Believe in Jesus Christ, and you will not fall as vermin into the hell of the devil!

Believe in the Lord, trust and be completely with Him, and you will get through this time.

The New Kingdom will be obtained by those children who are fully devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen