God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-17 -

On March 13, 2023 at Holy Place

Monday, April 17, 2023

God the Father

My child. The book of John will now be further revealed to you. I, your Father in Heaven, will instruct you again and again, just as John will continue to give you revelations. Amen.


On March 13, 2023 at the Holy Place

Message from John

My child. I, your John, have come to you to instruct you further. My book must be revealed, so the Father instructed. You are chosen for this mission, so now write what I, your John, saw and what I have to explain to you and the children. Amen.

My child. Long ago I saw how people are oppressed and executed by those who consecrated themselves to the devil, are in bondage to him, the prince of the underworld, and are 'bound' by blood ties. They are the princes (lords) of your world, and they enjoy the highest prestige in your society.

They operate in secret and have many executors (henchmen) who in turn are in bondage to them.

They recruit them for their target implementations, give them power and prestige, as long as they do what they are told to do, and they 'hold them in their hands', i.e. they 'recruit' them, then they 'entangle' them, and before they (the henchmen) realize it, they are caught in their circles and enjoy prestige and money, power and intrigues, from which they do not know how to get out.

They are caught in satanic circles, e.g. big lodges, where they are promised advancement and career. They are involved in 'games' that seem harmless, but are not. One sabotages them until they agree, or one involves them in any kind of affairs, whereby the sexual ones are very easy for them to blackmail. Simply put, one baits them, My Child, and then they cannot free themselves. Many do not want it either (to be liberated).

The swamp into which they are going is big and getting bigger, and this is how you 'keep' your henchmen 'warm'.

The family that controls everything is descended from Satan. You cannot imagine what' practices on special days, events, he himself does with his (henchmen). It is bloody, violent, sexual rites and sacrifices.... My children, you do not even want to know this, so cruel and ecstatic, so bestial and violent it goes along that you would not have peace from these images.

From this family, which the henchman does not know personally and also not by name, all the evil in your world is determined.

The devil worshippers delight in all the laws and practices of the devil, and the very greatest thing for them is to be allowed to participate in one of the rare occult celebrations of Satan, when he himself appears, performs, acts as 'host'. This is reserved only for the most evil. One has to be really deeply entangled to acquire this 'privilege' or have something special, be someone special, preferably female....

My child. These are abominations that I saw, and I saw them only to understand.

John then shows me the following:

Now I see prayer ascending perfectly pure to the Father, and I see the praying people, and there is a distance between the 'underworld' on earth and the 'heavenly' on earth, i.e. I see how the praying children are very close to heaven, everything is pure, and I am filled with a kind of bliss, the certainty that the Lord loves us and ALWAYS cares for us and we will not perish or be drawn into this mire.

And the 'others', the stooges and the scenarios of darkness celebrators, I see going deeper and deeper. A great, great distance is forming between those reported by John and the children of God, and those who have not decided for the Lord, I see that these are in between, as in no man's land, and thus have the chance to give their yes, or else fall into hell, for it seems as if it is open, and all that is reported by John goes right into it.

That is how it is, My child. I, your John, saw this as you, My child, just saw it. The children must make their decision for the Lord, their and our Savior, otherwise they will be lost to the beast, and eternal 'darkness' will be their lot. This, however, is fraught with agony and torment. Therefore, it is important to make the decision to the Lord now. Amen.

My child. I saw how those who want to decimate you erected great towers. From these towers, or through these towers, they were able to achieve much mischief. Many children became ill, because they (the towers) emitted radiation. Other children died, because it hit them as if in the heart. Still others suffered agonies, pains in the body, head and limbs, still others had problems breathing, they were weak and feeble and tired, still others fell into dizziness, and they felt sick and nauseous. They keeled over, spat, and were sick. Still others reacted to them, that is, they performed things that they were told to do through these towers. Still others were doing weird things, flailing around and looking like they were crazy. Children, it was terrifying what I saw, and I saw it at the end of time.

It is your masts equipped with 5G, and much suffering they bring and will bring you, because they are for your control and bring nothing good or beneficial to you.

You do not need 5G for your wifi, most of you know that by now, so ask yourselves: What are these towers for?

Look at how much suffering they already brought you, and then realize how much more suffering(s) they will bring you!

All of you who voluntarily accept 5G and digital chips, you voluntarily place yourselves in the hands of evil.

You will be controlled by it for a long time, but I saw a lot of bad things to come for this time.

Do not accept implants with digital chips incorporated, because you will become controllable beings. I also saw that for this time.

So listen to My word, for I saw what happened, and how shamefully your 'innovations' were used against you!

Stop, for the evil one believes himself to be at the goal, but anyone who stops and opposes is an obstacle in the progress of the evil one!

Every prayer, beloved children that you are, addressed to the Father in love and sincerity, is your protection for the end times in which you find yourselves. Amen.

Make this known, My child.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.