God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-20 -

On March 16, 2023 at Holy Place

Monday, April 17, 2023

Message from John

My child. My so tender creature. I, your John, am here, come to instruct you further.

My child. What the angel showed Me, for the time of the end, before Jesus came, His Second Coming, His Return, My child, is what is happening in your world today.

You are living at the end of time, beloved children, and much suffering you still have and will have to endure.

My child. The angel showed Me the families and creatures of the end times, that is, I, your John, saw what happened in many families at the end of time, because the angel showed Me what the devil did to break them up and put them at odds.

I saw much violence, many tears, so much anger and lack of understanding. I saw how the children suffered, and I saw how the spouses suffered. I saw the devil drive a great wedge into the families, and I saw this wedge 'pass away' through prayer within the families.

It dissolved, and there was peace and love, but the devil kept coming to them, and so there had to be much prayer, and it was the common prayers and the common visits to Mass that kept the family together.

The Holy Angel showed Me again and again what great power and strength fervent prayer had.

I saw many creatures, My child. They were very lost. Many were alone, although they were surrounded in families and with circles of friends. But their interior was empty. They sought to fill this emptiness. There were many, many of them, but I speak today of those who filled, wanted to fill their emptiness with aberrations, mutilations and sexual changes. They 'went up' in their deviations, and they were for Me like lost ones, who got more and more lost! They insisted that they were so now happy and lived an aberration of the special kind, unnatural and NOT created by God! They demanded more and more rights and this completely in the sense of the evil one, because he used their aberration and deformities, so that they distanced themselves from God more and more and offered these deformities to others as right and good and supporting them.

What man did with his body was unimaginable to Me, and I asked the angel how this was possible. But the angel showed Me more and more perversities and how lust and desires were above the divinely given reason and ruled these creatures -yes-. It was terrible for Me to see, and the angel now answered Me:

All this, My John, he said to Me, has become possible because man became righteous to himself. He no longer listened to the Lord and Creator, and he put himself first. He turned away from God, His Creator, and did not want to know about Jesus. He dismissed Him as a 'nice' story and was pleasing to himself. Only because of this had this become possible, because where God is no more, there is chaos and aberration, My son. This is what the Holy Angel of the Lord and Creator told Me.

Creation, My child, is perfectly and uniquely created. But man, the one who turned away from God, like his children and descendants, walks through this world lost and without a goal. He feasts on passions, on addictions, on aberrations, and he mutates into a being that moves further and further away from the divine origin. He lives in and only for the here and now, and fills his inner emptiness with these very deviations, urges and addictions, as well as with all that is transient.

He does not live in the unity of God, My child, and will be lost like the pagan. He who prefers this world to eternity has cut himself off from eternity in the Lord's kingdom. He himself did it. All this was shown and explained to Me by the Holy Angel.

God is merciful, but whoever deliberately turns away, whoever does not want to know anything about Him, whoever indulges in the world, in the transitory, will not find the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. He is lost. It is the sad truth that I bring to you, but I tell you:

Pray for repentance, for through repentance even the most lost of you all will NOT be lost, but his repentance is a prerequisite for it.

I, your John, bring you this message today. Pray for yourselves and pray for your loved ones, for through prayer many lost children will find their way back to the true path and into the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.