God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-21 -

On March 17, 2023 at Holy Place

Monday, April 17, 2023

Message from John

My child. I, your John, am here, come to tell and show you the following.

The world in which you find yourselves, My child, is coming to an end, that is, much calamity will await the children of the earth, firstly by the Antichrist and the elite of evil, and secondly by the chastening hand of the Lord and Father.

This time is coming, My child, it is very near.

My book, which I wrote and ate at the behest of the angel, contains the truths of your present time, and what is yet to come.

But, My child, your prayer CAN stand against it and much mitigation it will bring you, if you use it!

That is why My Book(let) is revealed today, because if it had been revealed at an earlier time, the children would not pray!

And it is important that they do!

My child. The angel showed Me what comes when prayer is not made, and what can be mitigated when the children pray fervently and plead to the Father!

Therefore I repeat it again and again: Use prayer and change!

The time of the Antichrist has arrived, and it will be a bad time for all children.

I saw the great deceit, and I saw the great deception. I saw how he deceived people in every conceivable way, and I saw what a terrible charisma he had and put the children of the earth under his spell.

I saw how they (the children of the earth) followed him, and I saw how they cheered him. I saw how they worshipped him as the one he is not, and I saw the devastating consequences for the blinded children.

I saw how more and more were under his spell, and I saw how those children who did not 'conform' were taken away and killed.

I saw that 'one' wanted to make them pay homage to the Antichrist under hardship and violence, but whoever did so was still tortured and killed. 'One' had, after all, what 'one' wanted....

It was terrible to see how much suffering these people had to endure, and it was terrible to see how the henchmen of the Antichrist dealt with the people, the laughter, the humiliations, the torments.... Children, it will not be easy for you!

I suffered a lot to see this, because nothing seemed to have changed. Just a moment ago, Jesus, our Savior, was walking this path of torment, and now I saw that even His followers would not have it easier.

I asked the angel: Why? And he answered Me: Because the devil hates Jesus and tries to put himself above God, but this will never be!

I was very sad and horrified by what the angel had shown me. So much love, so much suffering. I was confused and could not really believe it. The angel said:

At the end of time Jesus will come. He will take to Himself those who are truly faithful to Him. The Father will intervene and His chastening hand will cleanse the earth. So do not be sad, because the one who is truly with Jesus will not be lost at any time. He will live forever, and he will be with Jesus. All martyrs will be lifted up, and they will attain the Kingdom of Heaven, and those children who endure the end will enter the New Jerusalem.

It will be a beautiful time for them, because the Lord has laid out and prepared everything for them there in merciful love and divine order.

It is important, My son, that you always keep this in your heart and announce it only at the end of time. There will come that time, and the Father will instruct you, but first you MUST keep everything in your heart.

I did not yet fully understand what the angel meant by this, but he was to reveal it to Me at a later time, for I was yet to see further 'things'.

My child. The time of the Antichrist has arrived, but every child who is truly with the Lord and Savior has nothing to fear.

Please write My book, for the children need to know this so they can persevere. Amen.

Thank you very much.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.