God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-25 -

Vision: Betrayal of Jesus

Monday, April 17, 2023

On March 24, 2023, I receive the following vision

Conversion. While receiving Holy Communion, I am shown and explained the following:

The sacred host is being distributed. I see it, the Body of Christ, being distributed by the Father and His Son Himself, to priests and future priests, they all kneel down.

They get it placed in the receiving hands, then they hold it up, toward heaven as to the Father, but there is the Antichrist and devil with terrible, horrible hellish face, horned, like a disgusting repulsive nasty beast, and it eats these hosts that the priests (prospective priests) hold out to him, hand.

Symbol of the betrayal of Jesus and the Father in heaven!

Then it spews (spits) terrible fire, and these priests or future priests, all of whom I saw very young,

symbol of the adaptation of the doctrine of the Church to the present time.

were of this fire that was spewed (spat) by the beast of hell, the antichrist and the devil himself,

Explanation: they represent themselves as the Father and the Son (Jesus), thus imitate EVERYTHING!

hit and with this fire force, dark, black and red, pushed into hell, forcefully, flying backwards and falling, tumbling. The fire went into their chest, soul and tore the whole body (totally unexpected for them) into hell! They truly did not expect that.

Falsehood! Pure falsehood, lies and treachery! Insidiousness! Deceit! Deception! Who plays along, nevertheless and just therefore gets lost! Thus the devil with the Antichrist deceives mankind, and ALL who join in, play along, who pay homage to them, they ALL get lost. No reward, as they were promised.... What a shock for them...


Double betrayal: The 'church servants' betray Jesus. They deliver HIM up. They put the idol (antichrist) in 'their' church. But then they themselves are 'betrayed' and deceived, by the deceiver himself (the devil).