God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-39 -

Part 3, Message of John, on May 5, 2023 at Holy Place

Saturday, May 20, 2023

On May 05, 2023 at Holy Place

Message from John

My child. I, your John, have come today to tell and point out the following to you and to the children of the earth of the end times.

My child. The Holy Angel of the Lord and Creator instructed Me to tell you, the children of the end times, this. He said: 'John, My beloved son, please keep in your heart all that I, your angel of the Lord and Creator, show, tell and explain to you here. Tell it to the children of the end times FIRST at the end of time and keep', he repeated it to Me, 'everything in your heart until that time has come'.

My son. Many cruel things will happen to the children of the end-time world, but it is SO important for them to know that if they remain faithful and devoted to Jesus ALL THE TIME, they have nothing to fear!

The protective hand of the Father is over them at all times, but difficult and despairing days will befall the children of God. Jesus said: 'Do not fear,' and I, your angel of the Lord and Creator say to the truly faithful children: 'Fear not, for the Lord and Father cares for you who are truly faithful and reverent.' What, I ask, can happen to you if the Father watches over you and cares for you?'

My child. The angel of the Lord and Father then showed Me many images. I saw the children of the end times as despairing and unbelieving, or how doubt and unbelief fell upon them. Again and again they had to strengthen themselves. And it was the Word of God that kept them strong and on the right path, and it was their firm and deep faith in Jesus Christ that kept them steadfast, but again and again they had to reflect on it, because again and again the devil challenged them, and again and again there were moments of doubt, but God kept His word, and HE protected them, and HE gave them a book that would preserve them, over the centuries, into this last time, and in which they found strength and understanding: The Gospels of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and much more, which was first passed on by word, but then was written down, and the angel said, 'John, My beloved son, that which you experienced, your knowledge, your experience, your 'life', and what you were told, write down for the Christians of posterity, for the true faith will be lost, His Word will be corrupted, but the children draw strength from the Holy Book to which you will contribute.'

This the angel said to Me, your John, and it is truly the book, My child, which brings Jesus close to you, His life, His works, His miracles, His teachings, as well as all that is summarized there, showing you again and again the glory and omnipotence of the Father and the Son and His great, and His great, great love for His chosen people -for you, My children- and gives hope to every child who takes this book to heart, because from it he draws all the strength he needs to return to the Father, who, as Creator of all God's children, created him out of purest and deepest Fatherly love.

'Jesus is the way to the Father. Tell the children this again and again at the end of time, My beloved Son. There is no other, even though so many dare to say so!'

My child. The angel of the Lord instructed Me, your Lord John, to accompany you step by step through these end times.

Just as he instructed Me to write many other things for the benefit of 'posterity', you, so he instructed Me to reveal the book that I wrote and ate at his command, and it bitterly troubled My stomach, only at the end of time. This I do through you, My child, and I thank you from My heart for writing it for Me. Amen.

So tell the children today: The only way to the Father is Jesus! Only HE is the way to the New Kingdom! Only through and with HIM will you ALL be able to stand firm and not fall prey to evil! Only through HIM you will be lifted up and not fall into hell like the vermin I saw at the end of time.

So tell them from Me, from their John, who I came for their salvation, so that no child may be lost, and each one may prepare himself and be lifted up through Jesus. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.