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How God Prepares Us

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- Chapter 1400-44 -

Book of John Part 4: Preface

Friday, February 23, 2024

"I told you I would come again when the time darkens."

On February 14, 2024 at Holy Place, Ash Wednesday

Message from John

My child. I, your John, am here, with and by you, to say the following to you and the children of the world today:

Prepare yourselves, for the time is ripe for ALL that We have (already) communicated to you in these messages.

So do not neglect to wash your hearts clean, for only he who has put on his whitest robe, without stain of sin, is ready for the Lord and His return!

How, you ask, can you do this?

Confess, My children, confess! Seek out a Catholic priest and make use of the Holy Sacrament of Confession!

Repent, My children, repent! For if you do not, your confession is worth nothing. You will remain stained and sinful and will not be able to come before your Jesus in a clean robe!

But whoever is not ready for Him, whoever has not washed himself clean, whoever sins and does not repent, let him be told:

Judgment will soon come upon you, and blessed is he who has taken My word seriously and is ready for his Lord, Jesus Christ, his Savior (!), for the hour of mercy will depart, and blessed is he who is ready for his Jesus!

Do not wait! The time is now!

Use the days of fasting and reflect!

Fast, pray, make sacrifices and wash yourselves clean!

It is not enough to confess once or twice a year! You must always do it, as you wash yourselves, your body, your hair, so you must also wash the sin from your soul, beloved children!

And each of you knows for yourselves HOW OFTEN YOU FAIL!

So don't put it off, but ask a priest - Catholic! - to hear your confession!

And if you are again failing, go and see your priest!

But on no account let sinning become a habit, for he who does not repent and vow to amend IS NO LONGER TO BE HELPED! He will suffer a just punishment and remember My words!

So go to Holy Confession and repent and atone!

Repentand sacrifice!

Make amends!

Love your neighbor and help!

There are so many needy people around you all, but you are blind to them!

Do good, My brothers and sisters in the Lord, for the need will now become greater and greater, and well to the one who has shared and helped, who is merciful and has cared! Who listens, who does good! For soon the tide may turn for you too, and how happy and grateful you will be if your neighbor treats you kindly!

My children. My brothers and sisters in the Lord:

The end is near! Mercy will give way to justice!

So take My words to heart:

You will be judged on the day of decision, and blessed is he who has chosen Jesus and love for his neighbor! Blessed is he who has made himself ready for his Lord and Savior! Blessed is he who has washed himself clean of sin and put on his whitest robe!

The Father will soon intervene, but dark days are coming.

You don't see it? You feel safe?

Let me tell you that your safety is only in the Lord! And whoever does not see the danger that is around you is asleep and/or comfortable! It is impossible to overlook where you stand with your world events, and hunger and need will come where you least expect it!

And politicians and helpers of Europe and America:

You will lose your laughter and your arrogance!

The people will turn against you, but by then it will be too late!

You will be involved in wars and hardships, and you will be responsible for it all!

And to all those who think they must enrich themselves from your people, oppress them and make them suffer, let it be said to you:

As you oppress and cause suffering, so you will be judged!

There will be no mercy for you if you do not convert and take Jesus' side!

The excuse: 'You could not do otherwise' will be of no use to you in any way, because you have the opportunity to choose freely at any time!

Anyone who has entered into a covenant with the devil or his helpers should break it as quickly as possible! If he does not, he will be damned!

Children, children, you have no idea WHAT TO EXPECT!

Times will be bad and hard, illness and more will increase, and you will get no help!

You will be offered remedies, but they will not help!

Do not be deceived and prepare yourselves!

You must be ready for this time SO THAT YOU CAN SURVIVE!

Some of you would be happy and grateful, IF THEY MAY GO, but the greatest suffering will befall them and you!

Depression will take over!

Man will suffer, suffer, suffer...


Only with HIM will you be carried through it!

And yet it will never be easy for the children faithful to Jesus either, for when war and famine reach them too, the human need will be great, but the heart and soul will be united with the Lord and sustained!

So pray, My children, pray!

You have the power of prayer! Use it!

I love you very much.

I said I would come again and continue to speak when the time darkens.

It is time, My children, but you are just at the beginning.

Only your prayer will keep you strong!

Only friendship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit will give you great fruit!

Use the weapons of the end times!

Be ready!

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

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