God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1405 -

This is not the time to put selfishness in the foreground!

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Message of March 10, 2023

My child. The time for your preparation for the so wonderful and merciful event of your, your soul, is coming to an end, ie:

Prepare yourselves, because soon, very soon, everything will be ready. The prophecies are coming true, your prayer, your preparation and your being ready will bear fruit, if you listen to My word, and have made yourselves veritable and truly ready.

My child. Tell the children that they do not have much time left. They must be ready for the event that is announced. They must be ready and have put on their purest, whitest garment for Jesus, ie:

Take advantage of this Lent, beloved children that you are, and confess, atone, repent and make atonement.

Pray much and pray fervently, My children, and supplicate. Your supplications rise as incense does, and they reach My throne, which is holy.

I hear you, My children, I, your Father, hear you, but your prayers must be intimate and free from selfish demands! So many prayers you address to Me, to Jesus, to your saints and do not see that they are selfish.

But I tell you that you should, must pray in love, because where love is missing, My children, no fruits will grow. Not even a seed will be planted.

Pray unselfishly, beloved children. I.e., not that you must not ask for yourselves, but so many prayers rise up that are purely selfish and cannot be answered, for a prayer MUST be in union with My Providence, which is divine and good, and it must be in union with My Divine Will, for it is all-surveying.

See how you pray, and then tell Me, your Father, if it is good how you address your prayers to Me. Whoever is honest and sincere will find out if it is spoken in unity with Me or for self-interest.

You may ask ANYTHING from Me, as long as it is in harmony with My Divine Providence and does not deprive yourselves of learning and testing experiences, nor your neighbor!

So examine as you pray and go into yourselves and be honest towards yourselves. Amen.

My child. So many children ask Me for earthly riches, and I, their Father in Heaven, am ashamed and sad that they trust so little in Me, in My Providence! I help, where help is needed, that knows every child, who trusts in Me, in His Father, but there are many trials to go through, - and also these always with My help (!)- and there are many things, which you do not recognize.

But I, as your Father and Creator, Who I Am, see in the great whole and direct to the good, if it is necessary.

So trust in My goodness, for My goodness I give you, and trust in My care, for I care for you, and trust that I, your Father, am ALWAYS concerned for your welfare, but you must not disregard eternity, beloved children, and you do so when you send selfish and egoistic prayers to Me, My Son, and all Our and your saints.

It is not the time to put selfishness in the foreground, it is the time of preparation for eternity! The decision will soon be made and then, My children, there will be no turning back.

So prepare yourselves, for the event is near, and good to him who has recognized and prepared himself, good to him who is faithful and devoted to My Son, good to him who has washed himself clean of sins, good to him who has atoned and made atonement, good to him who has made atonement for others, for your efforts will be rewarded and fruits they will bring forth, good to him who can stand before My Son in pure, white, undefiled garments. Amen.

I love you very much.

Make yourselves ready.

Take advantage of this Lent and confess, repent, repent.

I, your Father in Heaven, love you very much, as does My Son, your Jesus.

Pray, beloved children, pray. The war is advancing.

Pray, beloved children, pray, the Antichrist is already here.

Pray, beloved children, pray, for the measure of evil will be great and good to him who prays and mitigates and changes and shortens THROUGH HIS PRAYER AND HIS SUPPLICATION to Me, to His Father in Heaven. Amen.

Make this known. The children must address honest, sincere and fruitful prayers to Me, not insisting on self-interest. Amen.

Yours and your Father in heaven.

Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. Amen.