God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1406 -

My Messenger will come!

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Message of July 9, 2023

My child. I, your Father in Heaven, am here, with you.

My child. Much is taking place. Little of it you see, for much, very much is being held back. (Note: Media).

My child. Tell the children of the earth that the (time of) tribulation is increasing. The upper elite has the monopoly over your supplies, i.e. they determine what you get and what is not made available to you or only to a small extent. You see it especially at present, as in the years before, in your crop yields: Children, it is not only because of drought and lack of water, because this should not be (!), but the 'elite' buys at high prices -higher, than the market gives- tons of crop yields, in order to then DISAPPEAR them, so that you have less edible and healthy, and so that thereby the prices are driven up, because what is little available resp. is given away, rises enormously in price, so you, beloved children, pay usurious prices for what grows in abundance, because I, your Father who loves you, have laid this out so that you, My beloved children, can always harvest and consume in abundance with what you need for a healthy life, so no child ever has to suffer hunger, malnutrition or illness through deficiency symptoms, but the devil has so networked his monopoly that even those who do not engage in his greed and iniquity suffer crop destruction, as well as losses of every kind, at the hands of 'third parties', and My children must suffer, for not enough is distributed, offered, supplied and, worse, destroyed by corrupt human hands and greed for money!

Nobody, My children, I repeat nobody(!) would have to suffer hunger.

Europe, My children, is seething! Much disaster will now come upon you and the earth! My chastening hand will strike down, but for the time being it is the devil who will cause you natural disasters, pestilence and suffering! He holds all the strings in his devilish hand, but, My children, do not fear, for he who prays, remains faithful to Me, his Father in Heaven, and to Jesus, My Son who loves you so much, will not perish, and he will not be lost, but never give the devil power over you! Hold on and never give in! These are confusing times and the devil does not sleep! He is tightening his net around your world, your earth, you, My children (!), but you have nothing to fear, because whoever is truly with My Son will be led through this time.

Know that when it seems hopeless, I will send a messenger from heaven!

Remain faithful, always anchored in Jesus! He is the light, the rock and your support in this time of tribulation, which is now becoming more and more visible, tangible and heavy for all My children!

Do not be afraid! The Antichrist is among you, but he will never be victorious!

My Messenger will come, and you will recognize him, but remain vigilant, for the Antichrist has not yet been introduced to you!

Know that he will cheat and deceive you and seek to steal your soul, but whoever is completely with My Son, no evil will befall him.

I love you very much. Everything is ready!

Stay strong, pray much and seek out your Holy Masses! Adoration and the Sacrifice of the Mass, My beloved children, keep you strong, steadfast and on the right path!

Do not open your churches to the spirit of the times! Where this happens, the Antichrist is near!

So listen to My word and be ready!

I, your Father, intervene, but the tribulation increases and many will not know what to do. So I say to you: Pray and plead and remain faithful to Jesus, for whoever is with Jesus will not be blinded (!), whoever is with Jesus will stand firm (!), whoever is with Jesus will know and remain on the true path (!), and he will not perish!

So pray much and pray fervently and pray for peace in Europe and the world! My beloved Europe will suffer even more, and the devastations will be bad, but your prayer makes you strong, your prayer stops many things, and your prayer makes you stand firm!

Plead, beloved children that you are, plead to My Father's heart that loves you, that can deny you NOTHING! If only you knew about the power of prayer, you would pray, pray, pray, attend your Masses, sacrifice, atone and flee completely to Jesus!

Pray, My children, because your prayer brings about the miracles of this time, which are experienced every day by more and more children!

Pray, My children, because My Son, Jesus Christ, will not leave you alone at any time!

My Angel of Peace will be given to you, it is the Messenger that I will send.

So remain strong and steadfast and in faith! Where the faith is changed, there the serpent with his antichrist has crept in!

So remain vigilant, beloved children, remain vigilant! Not the Church of My Son must adapt to the world, but the children of the world must find (back) to the true and holy Church of My Son!

I love you very much. Take My words to heart. My angel will come and he will bring peace, so stay strong, stand firm and do not get lost to the Antichrist. He will deceive and deceive you, and together with his False Prophet he will perform many apparent miracles, but be warned and do not fall for his deceit and trickery! He is the son of evil, and as such he is playing a game that is dangerous and will cost you dearly!

Be vigilant! Only in My Son you will find the way to glory! Without him, however, the way to the kingdom of hell opens for you without you being aware of it!

Stay strong and persevere! Jesus is ready for you!

I love you very much.

Your Father in Heaven. Who I Am. Amen.

My child. The angel of peace will come, but for now the tribulation will be great. Stay strong and persevere.

Yours and your Father in heaven. Amen.

I ask: Who is the Angel of Peace?

It is My Messenger, My child, My Divine Messenger, who will come to you on behalf of My Father, so that the true faith will be strengthened or restored.

He will openly 'fight' the Antichrist and bring him down, My child.

Michael will intervene with His heavenly hosts, My child, and the devil will be chained for 1000 years. You already know all this. Only the angel is not known to you, because We (Heaven) did not tell you about him yet.

This Angel of Peace will restore My true teachings, because many children will be corrupted by the Antichrist and will have gone astray.

My Father loves you so much that He also allows this act of mercy and -more- gives it to you, My child.

You will be able to distinguish him from the evil one, because He brings you love, but the Antichrist brings you euphoria. So you can distinguish well.

My Word, My child, is Holy, and as Holy Word it brings love and peace to the hearts of My children.

But the Antichrist brings unrest and discord. You will have euphoric hearts, you can distinguish by that. This also happens with much of your music.

So learn to distinguish what is good and what is heavenly. I do not bring euphoria, beloved children that you are, I give you love and fill your hearts with peace. You will be blissful: a heavenly peace fills you, but never euphoria!

So learn to discern, because the Antichrist cannot give you heavenly love and everlasting peace!

He bribes, and this includes euphoria! His joy passes away, because it is not real!

But My joy remains in your hearts. So learn to discern, My children.

I love you very much.

Your Jesus, who I am. Amen.

My child. Make this known also.

Your Mother in Heaven. Amen.

The Angel of Peace is a heavenly messenger sent by God the Father for your salvation. Amen.