God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1409 -

The Measure of the Evils Coming to You…!

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Message of August 31, 2023

The Father: The messages of Saint John will now soon continue. You are at the end of time, but still you MUST have patience.

Jesus: Yes, My child. The days are darkening. With the announced synod, it will be one after the other. You do not see the background. EVERYTHING, and I repeat: EVERYTHING is taking place silently, without much fuss, behind your backs, and only your prayer can mitigate, My child, only your prayer can counteract. Only the power of your prayer puts the necessary stones in the way of the evil one and his henchmen, so that you ALL can endure and not cave in.

The Father: You have no idea of what is to come!

A sane person cannot imagine so much ruthlessness and wickedness. A sane person does not suspect what has already been 'approved' behind closed doors.

It is all the more important that you all pray now, much and fervently, because what is coming is against you!

Our Lady: So pray, My beloved children, pray, and persevere against and through. My Son is with you. So be sure of His presence.

Jesus: But you must pray and ask and plead also to the Holy Spirit of the Father. HE will keep you strong and in clarity, but you must ask HIM daily for it.

Our Lady: And plead to the Father for shortening of time! Plead to HIM, who is almighty, for mitigation!

Jesus: My Father hears your prayers. So plead to HIM every day and whenever you think of HIM!

The Father: My children. The end is near and it is heralded, but the measure of the evils coming upon you depends on your prayers.

Our Lady and Jesus and the saints: so pray, beloved children, pray. We, the saints, with Mary and Jesus, as well as the holy angelic hosts, are waiting for your prayers, so that We may help you!

The Saints: We potentiate your prayers when you join Us in prayer! The Holy Angels carry your prayers to the Throne of the Father!

with Our Lady and Jesus: So use the power of prayer, for your prayers work the miracles of this time, beloved children!

Use prayer, for it has the power, and you have the power through prayer to hold off the worst, to mitigate, and through supplication to the Father to shorten this time that is now coming. Amen.

Jesus with Our Lady: I love you very much. We love you very much. Pray fervently and with love in your hearts. Amen.

Our Lady: Bring Me all your loved ones.

Jesus: and bring Me your enemies.

Our Lady: I protect them and lead them to My Son when you offer them to Me.

Jesus: I transform them, My children, if you pray for them fervently and with love in your hearts. Amen.

God the Father: Now go, My child. This is the message for today.

John will soon reveal more to you. Tell everything to the children.

Now go. Amen.

Note: At Father's request, this message should be withheld and made known only now.