God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 141 -

These souls live dangerously!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My child. My dear child. Tell the world what I have to tell it, all the children of this earth: As you know your world today, it will soon be no more, because it cannot be. Too great is the sin that you, the apostate children of God, commit against your fellow brothers and sisters, too much suffering, too much pain, too much misery is inflicted on those who have innocent hearts.

Many of you live without a faith. Neither are they bound to God - according to them - nor do they participate in the machinations of evil. These souls live dangerously with regard to eternity. Too easily they make it for themselves, too little love they bring to God the Father.

It is not enough to be "only good" and to want to achieve everything by your own strength. You must trust in God. Only in this way will you become aware of your task that God the Father, the Father of us all, has planned for you, and only in this way will you then be able to fulfill it(SPAN)(Note: the task)(/SPAN). Not "I will", but "the will of My Father, God Most High, be done" and "I will do as HE has commanded me."

If you all lived according to this, your hearts would be full of joy. There would be neither envy nor malice, because God the Father cares for each one of you, and in this trust you would be the happiest children on earth. Ask those who walk the path with Us.

Whoever trusts in Us, Heaven, will experience constant silent miracles. Whoever gives Us the honor due to Us will carry happiness and joy in his heart. Whoever entrusts himself to Us will be guided on the way to eternity, and whoever surrenders himself to Us will be taken care of, now and forever.

I love you, each one of you. Trust in God again. Give your YES to Jesus. Then, My so beloved children, you will reap the Divine fruits of the Garden of Eden, already here in the now on your earth, and a life in the everlasting Paradise, the New Kingdom of My Son, will be given to you.

So be it.

Your loving Mother in Heaven. Mother of all the children of God.

Thank you, My child.