God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1414 -

Vision: Reign of Antichrist

Monday, October 30, 2023

Message of October 17, 2023

In Holy Mass. Conversion. Receiving the Holy Eucharist.

Upon receiving Holy Communion, the following is shown and explained to me:

I receive a cross placed in my hands. Immediately it begins to grow and darken. At the same time, it is shown that it is on a hill from which this dark cross grows out.

The Holy Host now turns black, and it disintegrates into inedible, charred ash pieces and particles.

Then Jesus appears and gives me His Holy Host full of light.

Meaning of the vision:

The dark cross represents the underworld and the antichrist. The hill represents Golgotha. Together it represents the reign of the Antichrist.

Under the reign of Antichrist (which is dark and heavy over the whole earth and penetrates to the Catholic Church), the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is worth nothing.

There will be priests in the underground who will celebrate the true Mass, and the faithful children will be allowed to continue receiving Jesus.

Now Jesus speaks:

My child. Write down this vision and make it known. That time is now.

Stay strong, My children, stay strong. You must persevere and remain vigilant and faithful and devoted to Me, your Jesus.