God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1416 -

The Serpent Is among You!

Monday, November 13, 2023

Message from November 1, 2023

My child. Please tell the children the following:

Difficult times are dawning, and hardship and calamities are breaking loose, and Our children must remain vigilant and warned, for what is coming is unlike anything that has come before.

The serpent is among you, and insidiously, very insidiously, My children, it is creeping into ALL areas of your lives, ie:

You will become more and more unfree, because ALL areas it WANTS, (and) seeks to control, and it succeeds through the great power of the Antichrist, who has bought half the world with money, and the other half, WHO DOES NOT WANT TO PLAY, through their own interests or because they belong to Me, your Jesus, through chaos, violence, deceit, lies and malice, which leads to the most terrible atrocities, if 'one' refuses to play along, makes obedient.

My children. You cannot even begin to imagine this evil force and power, for it is difficult to describe in words. Existences are destroyed, children and families are murdered, the most terrible torment and suffering is inflicted on those who refuse in the most horrible and unimaginable ways. To a 'healthy' person, this kind of atrocity is unknown and unimaginable.

My children. So you must remain very vigilant and pray a lot. The Antichrist will creep into My Holy Catholic Church, but not only the Christian world will succumb to him if it does not remain vigilant, but ALL PEOPLE will praise him for who he is not!

Especially the Jews (the Jewish people) will suffer, for they are waiting for him who has already come.

Children, children, you will be most shamefully deceived if you do not remain vigilant and faithful and devoted to Me, your Jesus!

Only your prayer, your supplication and the power of the Holy Spirit, WHOM YOU MUST ASK DAILY FOR CLARITY, will save you from destruction and error!

Children, remain faithful to Me, your Jesus, and do not give in!

The devil has planned everything down to the smallest detail, and his string-pullers are in all areas of your world events! You can only escape his power if you pray and remain faithful and devoted to Me, your Jesus!

Do not give in, because if you do, he will catch you!

Stand firm and do not give in. I, your Jesus, will come to redeem you, but only a child who is faithful and devoted to Me will gain entrance into My New Kingdom!

In all the darkness I will send you the 'Warning'. So stay strong and persevere, for the worst has not yet begun, and well done to him who is sincere and honest and devoted to Me, his Jesus, with his whole being. Amen.

Anchor yourselves deeply in Me, in your Jesus, only in this way will you survive this last time. Amen.

Your Jesus. Amen.