God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1423 -

A Slightly Different Christmas Poem, Adapted to Your Time Here, Which Is Advancing!

Saturday, December 23, 2023

(message from December 19, 2023)

So listen now in the light of Christmas,

for the Lord has been born for you.

HE who loves you, in the Divine light,

come again to you, My little children.

But first, there comes the holy time,

that heals so many people,

who have gone astray

and in their hearts grown cold, but like a wind

the Lord Christ comes and enlightens them,

and this time is holy, My child.

So rejoice in this holy time,

and be ready for the Lord Christ at all times.

You do not know the day or the time,

when He will return in radiant light,

to save all the faithful little children,

so stay alert and ready.

The Lord Christ at heaven's gate

look upon you, My children, and be glad

for when the darkest time dawns,

He will guide you with His light.

But do not confuse HIM, My little children,

with the one who brings you lies and illusion,

for even if the time is holy,

the deceiver will come in bright light,

that is not divine and wants to seduce,

so remain vigilant and steadfast and keep still,

for the Lord will come, My little children,

to save you, and that time will be soon.

So listen to My word, dear children in the light,

for the Antichrist is very cunning,

and he will try to deceive you,

deceive you with magic and trickery,

but whoever is faithful to the Lord,

will recognize and remain in the Divine Light,

which the Lord gives you at all times,

and the children see this, they are ready

for HIM, their Lord Jesus Christ,

who was born on Christmas Eve.

So rejoice, little children,

for the time is not always good,

so hope and trust and know,

that the Lord will soon be at your door.

And when that time has come,

Blessed is he who stands firm with Jesus.

There will be a cruel time,

but the Lord is ready for you all,

but only those who are faithful and devoted to HIM

will not go astray and follow the wrong one and his light,

that will deceive so many children,

so remain vigilant and faithful and withstand the diabolical wind,

which will soon sweep over you all,

so remain vigilant, My child, so that you do not go astray.

The Lord, your Jesus Christ,

will come to you, but great is the cunning

of his adversary, the Antichrist,

but do not be afraid, for Jesus keeps his promises.

I love you very much, My little children,

but a very unpleasant time is coming,

and the wheat will be separated from the chaff, My children,

and the division that is coming will be great,

for all will think they are right,

and get caught in the devil's web,

that will catch so many children,

so remain faithful to Jesus, My dear children.

A very bad time is coming,

so you all better be and stay ready,

but only those who are with Jesus,

will recognize and not blow in the diabolical wind.

It will not be easy, but We are there for you,

so pray to Us and rejoice,

the Lord Christ is always with you,

and the way to HIM is open to you.

So look forward to the blessed time,

and be and remain ready at all times.

The Lord Christ is calling you,

He always helps, so take courage

and love in your hearts,

I love you very much, have a grace-filled time.

Merry Christmas to all children,

and don't forget to trust in the infant Jesus.

HE is holy, and HE is waiting for you,

so always be ready

for Jesus, your Lord Christ,

He is the true Divine Light,

come for all sinners,

for you, dear child, so be ready.

Your debt of sin is already paid,

by His precious blood, so be eager

only to do good from today, My child,

for the time that remains to you, it runs and passes.

So rejoice in the holy night,

which brought you all the Savior,

and pray much, My little children,

to your loving Jesus,

and to the Mother and the Holy Spirit,

who enlightens you, without any effort on your part,

only through love and mercy

of the Father in heaven, He gives you His guidance.

So look forward to this holy time,

for it is passing, so be ready.

The Lord is waiting for you,

so honor HIM with your visit

in adoration and celebration of the Mass, which do you so good,

and know that the Lord gives you joy and courage.

So pray to HIM, the Lord Christ,

for HE has been born for you all.

I go now and take My leave

and wish you a peaceful and joyful celebration,

united in heart with Our Lady Jesus,

who loves you so much, My little children.

So have a wonderful time.

I always give you My escort,

but you must ask and pray,

then I and We will come to you and all of you.

So rejoice in the holy time,

the Lord was born for all of you,

redeem all the children of the earth,

so rejoice greatly and prepare yourselves quickly.

Put on your white robes, dear children,

wash your soul clean, thoughts, and tune

to your sweet little songs,

for all your Jesus.

Now I'm leaving, say goodbye and see you soon,

Adios, adieu and see you next time.

I bow in the Divine Light

of the Lord Christ for you and all of you.

A time full of grace,

full of wonder and joy,

wishing you love,

Your Bonaventure. Amen.