God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1427 -

Don’t Wait for It…

Monday, February 12, 2024

Message from January 25, 2024

My child. Sit down and listen to what I, your Father in Heaven, with John and many saints and holy angels and the archangels present, with Mary, your and all your heavenly Mother, and Jesus, My Son who loves you and all of you so much, want to say to you and the children of the world today:

My child. Your time is passing and many children are not prepared.

The worst abominations are already taking place, but you continue to sleep.

Many think 'it would not affect them', many think 'it would not come to them', others think 'they are fine', and 'they have nothing to fear', 'there have always been such times', and, and, and,..., the list of their excuses is long, but instead of turning away from the 'troubles', the 'distress' and the 'horrors' and doing nothing, they would -and must they!- would do well to prepare themselves, because time is running out for you all!

My children. My children so loved by Me and My Son, who you are. I, your Father in Heaven, have been warning you for some time.

You do not listen to what is said here, and you do not listen to My call!

You remain lukewarm, you remain comfortable and rest.

You lean back in comfort, and you distract yourselves with excuses and glitter and appearances!

The range of your distractions is large, very large and you do nothing but distract yourselves and do not reflect!

But whoever thinks he doesn't need to prepare himself IS WRONG!

Whoever thinks it will remain comfortable, IS WRONG!

And those who think they can continue to enjoy the glitter and glamor will be so unprepared for the end THAT THEY WILL HAVE NO OPPORTUNITY TO RETURN!

Children, children, do not rest! Your world as you know it WILL END, and that time is near!

You feel so safe in your superficial world of comfort, but it will pass!

You think you can buy security with money, but that's not the case!

You will only find security in My Son! And let me tell you that you must bring your soul to safety and not your house and possessions!

If the soul has fallen to the devil, it is too late for you! And a soul that does not know My Son WILL BE LOST TO HIM!

Awake, beloved children that you are, for things are bad for you! You must prepare yourselves, and you must face reality!

The peaceful time is over, My children, even if you hope and trust in peace! You must trust in My Son, your Jesus, and not in fine words of those who plan and IMPLEMENT all the evil!

Don't let yourselves be lied to, and don't let yourselves be deceived! You are so stuck in your opinions THAT THE DEVIL GAVE YOU and don't even see it!

Wake up, convert and pray for repentance! Only through repentance will you be softened, but those who remain cold-hearted, thick-headed and stubborn will 'dig their own grave'!

So listen to my word in these messages, for it serves your salvation!

Only those who are completely with Jesus will not go astray and will not be lost. Only those who are firmly anchored in HIM, their Savior, will be lifted up!

Pray now, beloved children, pray much and pray fervently.

Ask the Holy Spirit for clarity and guidance. Without Him you will not see through the devil's veil of mist and you will go astray.

Only He, My Holy Spirit, can save you from error and deception! So implore clarity and guidance, My children, so that you do not give in to the end and do not fall prey to the temptations, deceptions and deceit of the evil one and his Antichrist!

I love you very much. Listen to My call, for your salvation is at stake. Amen.

Your Father in heaven.

Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. Amen.

My child. The Father has spoken. I, an angel of the Lord, say this to you and to all of you:

Listen to His word, for it is holy, and well to him who is wholly with Jesus. He will remain steadfast and persevere. Amen.

Your angel of the Lord. Amen.

My child. The Father is concerned about your salvation. Too few children take these messages seriously.

You must obey, My children, for the end is very near. When the warning comes, you must be ready!

The war is coming. It is coming where you least expect it.

Do not wait for Our Word to be fulfilled! You must get ready now, otherwise it will be too late for you!

With prayer, beloved children, you have the power to change!

So listen to Our Word in these messages and make amends! Atone, sacrifice and pray!

I love you very much.

Your Mother in heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of Redemption. Amen.