God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1443 -

What Is Planned for You, You Did Not Expect!

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Message from June 29, 2024

Our Lady: My child. Difficult days are coming upon you, your world, and you must pray much so that the Father can hold back the very worst.

Jesus: Dark days are coming, but do not be afraid, beloved children that you are, for I, your Jesus, will not leave you alone at any time, and God, your Father in Heaven, is waiting for your prayers for peace, for mitigation, for your acts of reparation for the world and for the conversion of all His children, (Our Lady:) your brothers and sisters in the Lord, beloved flock of children. So pray much and pray fervently and implore the Father, for only in this way will you be preserved from the worst evils, only in this way will you obtain mitigation.

Jesus: My Father intervenes, but the time depends on the prayers of all of you!

Our Lady: So pray, beloved children that you are, because if you do not pray, if you do not remain faithful to Jesus, if your Church continues to open itself to the world, to adapt to 'what is happening' and to lose all its dignity and morality, then, beloved children that you are, you are destined to perish.

Jesus: Beloved priests that you are, consecrated sons of Mine:

I love you very much, but I see how lost so many of you are.

You adapt yourselves to the world instead of bringing Me, your Jesus, to the world!

You are opening yourselves up to world events that are immoral and driven by the devil!

You are consecrated sons and servants of Mine, but so many of you have forgotten what true faith is!

You call so many things good that are bad and reprehensible, you renew that which cannot be renewed and you have lost sight of Me, your Jesus!

You are lying to My believing children because you are 'selling' them a teaching that is NOT MINE!

You must NEVER conform to the world and its events, for the world is ruled by the devil and his followers, and nothing good will come to you from him or them!

You contribute to the decay -many of you- of My true and holy Church, but I, your Jesus, also see the good, the steadfast, the priests faithful and devoted to Me, and they rejoice My so wounded heart.

Beloved faithful priests:

Remain with Me, faithful to Me and My teaching, and lead your congregations to Me, your Jesus.

Your merit will be great, I give you this promise today, but the time will come when you too will have to decide.

So stand firm and do not give in when the serpent tries to catch you and ensnare you, for if you do not remain faithful and steadfast, you will perish.

I love you very much. Do not give in to the ravages of time and keep My teaching and My Father's commandments upright and honest!

So much change is coming, yet My Word cannot be changed!

I love you very much.

Remain strong and faithful to Me, your Jesus. Amen.

Beloved children. I, your Jesus, suffer greatly because of what is happening in your world.

The devil has done a fascinating job in deluding, deceiving, misleading and confusing so many children of men.

Today's generation is far removed from what God created, and they are turning further and further away from the divine laws and living in complete aberration and delusion.

Your 'tolerance' allows all this, and anyone who can still see clearly and think clearly is hardly allowed to say anything in your society.

You are a generation that has little hope for the Kingdom of Heaven, so many do not even know Me, their Jesus.

What is to become of these poor beings is planned by the most diabolical hand, but you don't see it AT ALL, because if you recognized it, you would act differently and never let your mouths be shut!

But you live in a society that is so divided that you can hardly trust anyone anymore. Breach of trust is rife in this day and age, and backstabbing and betrayal are the order of the day!

It is truly sad to see what kind of society you have rightly elected - most in the name of democracy - what a disgrace!

You are being lied to from top to bottom, and slavery is on the increase, beloved children.

Germany is a strong country, but you are destroying it with all your 'tolerance'. If you do not wake up, very soon you too will lack everything that you have taken for granted!

Spain, My beloved Spain, you are maltreated and ruled broken by the devil!

Your saints pray for you, for you need it, more than ever in your history!

It is truly sad to see how much the people have turned away from the true faith, and how blinded and truly hopeless you have become.

Convert! Convert, for you are swimming along where the devil is leading you and have sold all your uniqueness to him!

Convert, for it is your only chance not to perish and be lost!

My Father loves you very much, but shame upon shame is happening in you!

So repent again and find your way back to Me, to My Mother and to the Father in heaven. (Amen.

Russia, My beloved Russia, I no longer recognize you! Your power will be taken from you, for you too have submitted to the devil! Convert, then, so that the evil one cannot devastate you!

The abyss that will open up for you is great, and you will not have reckoned with it!

Only your repentance can give you mercy and compassion! Only your repentance!

Dear Europe, it is hard to believe what you are allowing to happen! Your corruption has become unsurpassable, shame on you! It will hit you hard if you carry on as you are doing! You are bleeding your population dry! You are selling them out to the henchmen of evil and have long since become one of them yourself! Shame on you! Shame on you! There is not much time left for you to obtain mitigation.

So pray, inhabitants of Europe, for what is planned for you, you did not expect!

Stay vigilant and remain faithful to Me, for whoever remains faithful to Me, My Father will spare him!

But the rest of you be told:

Hard it will hit you, and it is planned by many of your politicians who have handed you over to the devil!

America, America (USA), you too will have to suffer! The intrigues are too great, your influence over so many countries in the world!

You should have ruled with Me, but instead you too have entered into a covenant with the devil!

Shame on you and repent. You are not reckoning with what is to come. Your repentance is your only chance!

And Central and South America (from Mexico downwards), what has happened to you! Pray and beg the Father for forgiveness and atone, My children, atone!

It would be too long to put it all into words, as well as for Africa, Asia and the Middle East. You will all get your just punishment, those you oppress and exploit! It is truly too long to list everything here, but let it be said that your power will break, and all that you have done to your people will come back to you infinitely!

The devil will not keep his covenant with you! He has also lied to you!

So convert so that your just punishment does not overtake you, and (convert) you too, who must live as slaves and oppressed! Find your way to Me, to your Jesus, for only through Me will you find salvation, only through Me will you reach the Father, only through Me, beloved children, only through Me!

So pray now, beloved children, who you are and beg for mitigation and shortening of time. Your days are already numbered!

You must persevere, for the end will be hard, very hard, and your only support is Me, your Jesus, Mary, My Mother in Heaven who loves you so much, who is also your Mother, My Father who waits and hopes for your address, your Saints and Holy Angels who are always at your side when you ask them, and My Holy Spirit who will keep you in clarity and trust if you pray to Him, daily, beloved children, daily.

I love you very much.


Your Jesus, Who I Am, with Mary, your Mother in Heaven, and many saints and angels present, and in union with the Father, God Most High, Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. Amen.