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The Earth

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More than a century has passed since 1847, when Jakob Lorber recorded the present work through the Inner Voice due a period of time when science and technology took unexpectedly gigantic steps. During Lorber's lifetime, mankind lived in the age of steam; the industrial age followed with its electrification and motorization, which ushered in the atomic age. Its power can either bless or annihilate mankind.
The great discoveries and inventions of the past few decades have also been useful in the exploration of our heavenly body, the Earth, and all her natural phenomena. Geology, geophysics, meteorology, and many other branches of science are continuously at work in the attempt to draw a more exact picture of those natural forces of our planet that are active above, below, within, and upon her. Much of our new knowledge corresponds, to a great degree, with the statements made by Lorber in this work, Earth and Moon, and in his other naturo-spiritual writings, and affords incontestable proof of the veracity of statements which, before science corroborated them, had often been questioned.
Despite all the theories about the nature of the inner Earth, her true structure remains, now as before, veiled from the scientific eye by an impenetrable darkness, for there are obstacles in Nature which will forever prevent mundane humanity from penetrating the Earth's core. A true description of the interior of the Earth, such as the one recorded in the inspired writings of Lorber, can only be approached from a spiritual point of view.
In this book, the Earth reveals herself as a cosmic body which contains nothing dead or inanimate. She is a pulsating, living organism, all of whose organs are precisely analogous to those of the physical human body: an inner world of wonders, where immense elemental powers express a planned and inspired process of development in which all natural occurrences take part.
The first part of this volume, "The Natural Earth," discloses much of the naturo-spiritual purpose behind the material or physical description of our terrestrial globe. The second part, "The Spiritual Earth," describes the spiritual spheres which belong to the world of this Earth. Although this description begins in the physical world, it becomes a flash of the highest spiritual knowledge.
You will, in addition, find in the book index, entitled "The moon" (1841), a description of the nature of the world of the moon, including the differences between each half of the moon, with the living conditions relevant to each. Considering human plans regarding future travel to the moon, the statements in this book deserve particular attention, since the recent progress of space exploration has already offered evidence for the validity of Lorber's description of the moon.
Lorber's highly meaningful treatise concludes by pointing out the cosmic and spiritual importance of this satellite of our Earth, and by teaching us to understand, in a new light, the true place of the Earth and the moon within the encompassing study of Creation. Thus these writings, like all of Lorber's works, deepen religious belief to the level of spiritually inspired cognition, revealing the wisdom of God's love for human beings in a profound manner.


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