God's New Bible

The Great Gospel of John
Volume 9

Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching
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The Lord on the way from Essaea to Jericho

- Chapter 1 -

The Lord meets a group of poor pilgrims.

When we were at a distance of 1 hour walking from Essaea, we met the earlier mentioned poor pilgrims who came from the region of Jericho, and they asked us for alms.
And I said to the Jewish Greeks: "Give them of your abundance, for they are as poor in the world as I Myself who still possess no stone as My property to lay under My head. Foxes have their holes and the birds their nests, but these poor possess nothing except themselves and their scanty clothing. So give them something."
After these words of Mine, all Jewish Greeks and also the few disciples of John brought a considerable amount of money together and gave it gladly to the poor. With their hands lifted up they gave thanks to Me and to the givers, and asked us to forgive them for interrupting our trip, and since we were Jews, they also asked us anxiously and worriedly if they would reach Essaea before the rising.
I said: "Why are you afraid to profane the Sabbath by walking on the road? Neither Moses nor any other prophet has ever given a commandment not to travel on a Sabbath. The new temple precepts are not divine commandments and are also futile to God. But it is still early, and you will reach the place in 1 hour. And when you will arrive in the place, you should lodge in the first inn that is outside the gate of the little city. There you will be well received and be taken care of, for I already have announced your arrival there. But who I am, you surely will hear in Essaea. And so, you can continue your trip now."
The poor were certainly surprised when I told them all this, but nevertheless, they did not dare to ask how I could have known all this and continued their way.
Along the way the disciples asked Me why these poor were actually traveling to Essaea, for it could not be seen that they had one or the other sickness, since sick people could never walk that easily.
I said: "These men do not travel to Essaea to be healed, but being totally destitute they try to find work and financial support, because they heard from travelers that the Essenes have become very charitable lately towards real poor people, and thus they went to Essaea because they could find no work and thus also no income at home for their livelihood. This does not honor their region and therefore it is only sparingly blessed by Me.
But still, among them, were a few who were sick when they left home. However, some of My 70 disciples, whom I have sent out, came in their poor region and healed them, and thus there were no more sick people among them now. The disciples also advised them - because of their poverty - to go to Essaea where they certainly would find work, and care would be taken of their body and spirit. And that is why these poor people went quickly on their way."
Peter said: "Then they must have left soon after us, since they are already here now, for they cannot move forward in a miraculous way like us?"
I said: "This is also of no concern to us. They soon will reach their destination and this is the main thing. The day or the hour is not important at all, and therefore we will let it rest now."
With this answer of Mine, they were all satisfied. We walked quickly, and so we moved on fast, which was, especially in this region, very good and practical, because it was very deserted, and for several hours in the area, no tree, no bush, neither any other shrub could be discovered. So we met no one, and therefore we could move on with the speed of the wind, and in this manner the long and very deserted part of our way was soon left behind us.
After we had left that place behind us - which was very desolate for every traveler, wherefore we needed 2 hours, despite our speed of the wind, while otherwise even a traveler on a camel had to spend almost a full day on the deserted road - we came again in a habitable region, and that is why along the road there was an inn and several houses and farms, which were for the greatest part the property of Greeks.
When we arrived at the inn, a few disciples said: "Lord, we have covered a very long way now and became therefore thirsty. Would You agree if we would take a little refreshment here, and we could ask to give us water to quench our thirst?"
I said: "This we surely can do, but this region is poor in water, and the innkeeper will ask a lot for the water, because he is a heathen who is very eager for profit, like most Greeks are. If you want to pay for the water, then we can enter the inn, take a little rest and ask to give us water and some bread."
Since they had the money, the Jewish Greeks and also the disciples of John said: "Lord, this we gladly will do. And if the innkeeper has a wine that is good to drink, then we are also willing to pay the wine."
I said: "You are free to do so here. Do what you think is necessary, then I will do what I think is necessary. So let us enter the inn."


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