God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 10 -


Now behold, hear, comprehend and understand well what eternal Love spoke and did. When the good and holy Father had completed His very serious speech, showing mercy, but threatening with judgment the transgressors of the law of supreme grace, giving death to sin, eternal Love was moved to the innermost depth of Its merciful heart and for the second time shed tears of compassion and tears of joy and bliss over the great and lenient grace of the so good and most holy Father and spoke with the deepest emotion of Its entire being to Adam and Eve:
"You Adam have now seen the terrible judgments of God pass before your eyes, and Eve saw and perceived them through you. Now I shall open her eyes and ears also and she -as for as all who will be going forth from her according to the number of the stars in the Sky, according to the number of the grass on the earth and according to the number of the sand in the sea, which is endless -shall in the future see with her own eyes and hear with open ears what the Deity did in Its condemning wrath and what thereupon eternal Love did in Its infinite mercy.
"I have engraved the law into your heart, as you shall also engrave it into the heart of Eve. And for a sign that shall remind you and all your descendants of God's judgments because of your sin, I will cause mountains to form here and there which shall burn alternately until the end of time. And I will leave you the flash of lightning to remind you of the destruction that once took place, always followed by thunder, which is to loudly proclaim to you the name of the great and mighty God in case you should -or could -ever forget Him.
"And the tears of compassion, and those of joy over the great grace of the holy Father have I set for an eternal sign as a new creation around the wide expanse of the firmament, and they shall every night give light to the earth and shall refresh you in the twilight of life and proclaim the dawning day.
"Now lift up your eyes to the sky and see them shine in manifold order and in manifold splendor. The ones sending forth a reddish light are to give evidence of My compassion and those giving a white light are for a sign of the joy over the great grace of the most holy and good Father. And the white-shimmering wide ribbon above the stars of compassion and joy -consisting also of stars of primordial times through the tear of Love, already then showing mercy to the fallen spirits -which is drawn through the middle of the firmament, shall serve you as a sign of the eternal, holy bond between eternal Love that called you and everything that is into existence and the Deity that judges all things according to Its holiness.
"And now Adam, and you Eve, too, look into My left eye which is above My heart, facing your right eye and beaming at you mildly and mercifully. Behold, one more tear has formed in this eye, and it is bigger than all the ones that have already been shed from these eyes for you.
"Where the great ribbon in the firmament appears to be parted, that is where you should always like to gaze with gratitude and be deeply moved. For this place shall serve you and all creation for a perpetual sign for your breach of faith with Me and My break at that time with the holiness of God because of compassion with you, and where the ribbon appears to be once more connected it shall remind you of the great mediation of eternal Love which is I from eternity, between the inviolable holiness of God and you who have sinned faithlessly before the countenance of His boundless holiness.
"And behold, that is where this tear originated!
'This tear will one day rise for you and your descendants as a beautiful morning star which will give light to the nations of the earth that will in times to come follow your penitent and grieving footsteps, will wash the stinking mire of sin from the earth and cleanse your tears of repentance and grief of the dirt of the serpent.
"Now look here once more. I will let this tear drop upon a still white flower of this bush between the two already fructified flowers of Eve. And one day there shall go forth from it a pure woman who shall crush the serpent's head. Although the serpent will bite her heel, the venom shall not harm her. From her will go forth what is now before you: A bright morning-star for all the nations on earth that are of good will, and eternal judgment for all the stubborn children of the serpent.
"And the spirits from the bosom of the Father's holiness will descend bodily upon the earth and proclaim to your children the great time and the manner in which He will come to you Who now is standing before you. You can still hear and see Him, but will henceforth no longer hear and see Him till the coming promised by the holy Father through Me, as the eternal Love within Him.
"Now you have learnt all you need to know to receive My blessing!
"And so be blessed by the hand of might and the hand of power of the holy Father's eternal Love and the power of the Spirit, holy out of both of Us. Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth with the living fruit of this blessing.
"And every time you get close to each other because of this blessing, first offer your hearts to Me. If you fail to do this, the serpent, which is still alive and will be living forever in the wrath of the Deity, will spoil the fruit within you. And you, Eve, and all of your sex will instead of a blessed fruit bring forth a corrupt one. They will ruin the blessed children of light in great numbers and there will be no end to their rage and fury. Thus you will pass on your sin to all and your guilt will become evident until the great Time of times and also thereafter.
"Let this offering of your hearts to receive My blessing and grace be for you a sacred service which you owe Me whenever you get close to each other for the sake of My blessing. This new and easy commandment, which you have just been given from My mouth shall be the first church I am establishing for you in My memory; let it remind you of the acts of merciful Love, make you grateful and lead you back to the holy fear of God.
"I will send you as a messenger from above a sinless spirit with a flaming sword in his hand that he may guide you and show you the earth from one end to the other. He will enlighten you concerning the erring of the world, but will also chastise you when you stray from My ways.
"All this you are told by eternal Love in the name of the holy Father. Amen."