God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 100 -


Then Seth stepped up to Adam and asked him whether something would still take place here or whether they had to prepare for departure.
But Adam replied: "Seth, you are aware who is among us. We shall go when it pleases Him; until then we shall wait in love and patience. Amen."
And also Jared went to Enoch and asked him in secret: "Listen, my beloved son, I have such a strange feeling. This Asmahael, who was to be your pupil and live in my hut possesses, as I see it, so much wisdom and knowledge in all things that his speech greatly exceeds yours. I do not mean to reproach you since your words are from on high and not one of them is in vain and every word perfectly denotes the meaning, both physically and spiritually and living, corresponding forms are found in every human heart of all you have said; yet notwithstanding all the good and true, and also not to its detriment, there is a great difference between your language and that of Asmahael.
"This is how I noticed the difference clearly: With your speech I always clearly discovered within me that your word is a proper light. Whoever acts in accordance with it can, and must, attain to life. Besides, your always-gentle word is like daybreak, which surely announces the coming day, as your word proclaims, the life that is certain to follow.
"But in Asmahael's speech I noticed that it already gives life in abundance and thus his words are as much as an accomplished fact.
"He mentions things of supreme wisdom; who could normally comprehend them? However, coming from his mouth they give one the impression as if one had already from eternity grown up with them as with playmates.
"One would not even consider asking for an explanation because one becomes immediately one with the word and thus one life.
"The only strange and incomprehensible thing in this case is that it is your pupil from the lowland who has this ability without even having received any actual instruction from you.
"According to him, he is a child of slaves and was forbidden to ever utter a word there or suffer the terrible punishment of death.
"His parents were killed in the most cruel manner. He fled to us and this morning, nameless and full of suspicion, entered before our eyes the blessed region of the hallowed heights. You helped him up before Adam, Adam acknowledged him, blessed him and gave him a name. Then Adam gave him into my and your care because of the acute longing of his heart to seek and find God.
"However, the moment he was allowed to open his mouth everyone of his words was so perfectly good and true that all of us were amazed at his words.
"You were still able to correct many a word by Adam, Seth and almost all the others, but Asmahael's words were at all times above needing any correction.
"Enoch, there is something wrong in this whole matter.
"It is really most peculiar with that man how convincingly and quickly he dealt with our vow.
"We partook of food and drink without our conscience stirring at all as it would normally have done. Now he has already managed to have even Adam, as well as you, Seth and Kenan, apparently quite dependent on him.
"But the strangest thing is that - as far as I know - he himself has not eaten anything as yet. Besides that he has so to speak with one stroke done away with all the formerly so inviolable laws of Adam, and that without the least opposition on the part of Adam.
"If I had done that I would not have been allowed to look at Adam's hut for a whole year.
"However, Asmahael needs only to open his mouth and every word is, as already mentioned, as much as an accomplished fact.
"Enoch, I tell you, whoever can understand that must understand more than the two of us and surely more than all of us together.
"If you have some hidden light in this matter, do not leave your father blind beside you. But if you are no better off than I in this matter, it will be rather difficult to ever gain clarity about it.
"However, if you know something, tell me in three words, but in such a way that Asmahael and the others do not notice it. Amen."