God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 103 -


After Asmahael had spoken these words of life to Jared and Enoch, He left them and approached Adam and said to him:
"Adam, if nothing else needs to be done here, we are ready. Tell the children to go home and we may proceed towards the midnight region. Amen."
But Adam was startled, for the call 'Adam' sounded the same as at the time when Adam after his sin was trying to hide from Me. He could not compose himself and dared not answer anything, except after a little pause the few words: "Lord, Your holy will be done!"
Thereupon Asmahael said: "Adam, why are you faint-hearted? Why do you fear the One whom you should love above all? Have you lost something? Should it not be possible to find it again?
"Or do you believe you could still lose something else? What else could you possibly lose that you had not lost already long ago?
"Behold, I tell you: If someone has lost everything, he is through with all he had received and cannot lose any more. And he, who has nothing more he could lose and is still alive notwithstanding the loss, is obviously still living so that he may regain what he had formerly possessed.
"I also tell you that in the distant future your descendants who will wish to win everlasting life shall not only have to lose all worldly things, but their lives as well.
"You are living already over nine hundred years, but your descendants will be allowed to live hardly the twentieth part of your life in their physical body. Behold, what future generations will have to lose because of you that their everlasting life may be saved and they will not be allowed to be startled when they hear Me utter their name. But you are so terrified although you are now constantly winning not having any more to lose, but only to win. And you have already won immensely, for the highest prize is now standing before you.
"Recognize Him and you will be forever without fear here and one day eternally in the peace of eternal Love. Amen. "
Now Adam composed himself, grasped the meaning of this speech and said: "Listen, You my now above everything beloved Asmahael, You see my heart and know my fear. My fright is caused by love! Your love has made me weak so that I did not and would not answer You. You know anyway what makes the exceedingly happy one lose the power of his speech.
O Asmahael, Your will be done at all times. If it is Your wish we can and would like to leave, and so be it!"
And Asmahael said: "Let Me be unknown and arrange that those who do not know Me get ready to continue the journey. But during the journey let Me follow you alone, and then you go with Eve and at the head Enoch with Jared. In this order the march shall proceed through the dense forest to the low-lying region towards midnight Amen."