God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 123 -


During Asmahael's speech the patriarchs arrived at a high wall of rock, which through a great variety of ridges presented the most peculiar forms. Because of this, the patriarchs had already long ago given it the name of "Withered Hand of the Earth". This wall separated the children of the midnight from the patriarchs, and from here it was impossible to enter the midnight region in a natural way. Whoever wanted to get there had to put up with a considerable detour, for he had to walk through the entire evening region and from there over a long, circular mountain ridge which then connected in a wide arc with the midnight region from the northeast.
However, this road was too far for the patriarchs and, besides, since they had already reached the wall, at this moment practically impossible; for they would have to walk first once more towards the evening region and only from there over the very extended mountain ridge.
But the patriarchs had now arrived at the wall and could not go any further. And so, beginning with Adam, they now asked one another what could be done to firstly inform the children of the midnight region about the coming Sabbath and, secondly, restore to them their freedom, as already done in the evening region, thus liberating them from the harsh yoke of a law which oppressed them excessively.
This was a critical situation for the patriarchs, for here the shouting and throwing of stones was of no use. A violent gale began to rage as often happens on high mountains close to midday when the rays of the sun are changing, causing heavy breathing of the earth, and any shouting was useless. Also the throwing of stones as a signal marking the presence of the patriarchs could not take place for the same reason. For what good would it have done if the thereby alerted children were unable to hear a single word addressed to them?
And so the patriarchs were standing there almost like the so-called "Withered Hand of the Earth" itself and no one knew what to do. And in this dilemma no one remembered how close to them the One was to Whom all things are easily possible. Not even Enoch did remember this in time.
However, after a while Abedam asked Asmahael in an undertone: "Lord, You Who are too sublime and too holy above all that a human tongue might form and utter Your name, could I, the weakest worm before You in the dust, do something with Your most gracious permission, then command me graciously. I am fully prepared at Your word to jump down to the children of the midnight over this 500 fathom high wall and tell them personally what the patriarchs want to make known to them.
"For behold, You inexpressible, eternal Love, You my God and my All, Your Word carries the entire, infinite creation in all its magnitude and immense weight. How could it let me perish who am only an infinitesimal mote compared to the earth itself?
"Therefore, it needs only a word from You and I am fully prepared to fulfill it. And should it cost me the life of my body I am absolutely convinced in my heart that it is endlessly better to die in Your word bodily even a thousand times than to live without it a thousand fold.
"But, Lord, not mine but Your most holy will be done always and forever! Amen."
When Asmahael had heard this exalted love-offer on the part of Abedam, He gazed at him lovingly and then addressed the following words to him, aloud:
"Abedam! In truth, in truth I tell you: There is none other on earth like you in faith and love! Enoch is great in love and humility and has through it found immortality already here. But the one who gains life through death is greater than the one who wins it through life itself. Greater is he who gives his life for the benefit of his brothers and fathers than he who only strives to quicken them with living words out of Me. For it is easier to teach others than to give one's life for others.
Truly, truly I tell you, Abedam: He who will ever die in his body in My name and in My Word has seized everlasting life with heroic might and has become fully at one with Me!
"But behold, My dear, strong Abedam, the time has not yet come to give up the bodily life in My name or Word, and so your unshakeable will shall be considered a fully accomplished work, for you have in your heart as good as accomplished it as if out of yourself with your faith, trust and all your love for Me. And so you have already found Me completely and will from now on stay by My side forever.
"However, look, dear Abedam, I have still other means of freeing the weak fathers from this dilemma and can therefore easily do without your sacrifice. But good for you, Abedam, that you have faithfully made such a sacrifice to Me in your heart! I tell you, you have surpassed Abel who was slain only once whereas you were not opposed to a thousand-fold death in My name. Therefore, you shall have a thousand fold life in Me!
"But so that you may have a word from Me, as you wished to do something in My name, go to Enoch and ask him to come to Me as I have something important to tell him before all the fathers. For if he loves Me he must come to Me first before I can fully receive him and he can become at one in the love for Me and all the life out of it, so that he may thereby become a hero like you and perform My will in the presence of the fathers. Amen."
And Abedam went to Enoch and made known to him Asmahael's will.
Enoch promptly went to Asmahael and said: "O Lord! Look graciously upon me, the weakest, and every fiber of my powerless being shall forever willingly submit to You, my God and my Lord and my most holy, eternal Father! Amen."
And Asmahael took Enoch's right hand and said to him aloud: "Enoch, He Who has created this hand for you out of nothing is now strengthening it for you in the presence of the fathers. Go now to the 'Withered Hand of the Earth' and animate the inanimate one that it may become a soft bridge for us and a smooth path to those who need our help most. For I am not in your midst for the sake of the healthy, but for that of the sick. Amen."
And Enoch walked up to the wall and commanded it to give way and become a smooth path to those who were languishing down there and desperately needed help.
And behold, the wall collapsed and the smooth path was ready.
All the fathers were deeply awed by the infinite might of Asmahael. But He quickened them anew and they began to praise God in their hearts and praised His name for this miraculous act and then confidently continued on their way.