God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 129 -


After these words by Adam, Asmahael stepped up to the three and spoke to them, as follows: "Listen, you three, Jura, Bhusin and Ohorion.
"Who is as faint-hearted as a fly and full of fear as a dove and shy as a field-mouse so as to flyaway when something approaches or at the slightest noise flees into the thicket of the forests and if some stone fragments fall down into the valley, hides fearfully in earth holes?
"Do you think that Jehovah so easily allows the death of His children when He lets a few stones tumble down?
"If killing gave Him pleasure this would have been the case already from eternity. And if in this way He were a friend of death, truly, you may be assured that He would not have created an earth, a moon, a sun and all the stars with their great wonders of creation, and not even a mote.
"But since Jehovah, as you can see from all the things around you, is not like that, but the very opposite and thus the greatest friend of life, since He alone is the eternal and actual Life Itself and everything that lives does so through His breath out of Him, He is also eternal Love ltself and therefore draws forever all His works to Himself, and all created beings have their own wisely arranged order. However, the children are free in their will and actions and are not bound in any way, except that they have to live, and that, because Jehovah is a friend of life and not of death. Therefore, His children should not be too worried about hasty killings, particularly those who, like you, truly love the exceedingly good, great and holy Jehovah and have set all their hopes on Him.
"So be of good cheer and no longer foolishly afraid, for if Jehovah had wanted to put you to death, how could you have reached the great age you already have?
"However, there will come a time on earth when your descendants to the end of their trial life on earth will never reach the age you have, although there will be many among them who will love Jehovah more than you now do. Yes, in those times even babes will be taken from their mother's breast and many parents will grieve, yet praise Jehovah in their grief, sacrifice everything to Him and not think as you do that Jehovah is one who has pleasure in killing.
"Behold, this was a bad mistake on your part. For the future make sure you strengthen your trust and let your love for Jehovah grow; then you will safely walk over the world's burning debris. For Jehovah's arm is mighty and the ones He seizes and leads cannot be harmed by perishing worlds or any power to which He gave a free hand for the appointed time of its own freedom test, which is the well-known power of the serpent.
"Now stay here for a while in peace until I return. For now I go as the final messenger to fetch your children and bring them all here so that they may experience and recognize how exceedingly good and full of love the Jehovah Whom you so foolishly feared is.
"Indeed, God's anger is terrible. It is an everlasting fire, which never goes out. But notwithstanding this, God has laid His might into love and not into His anger, which is forever subject to eternal Love, the alone everlasting, freest life within Him.
"Ponder on this until I return. Amen."