God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 132 -


Adam was satisfied with this answer and so were all the children. And after having in their hearts spiritually expressed their true thanks, they all began to eat and drink, each according to his need and taste.
However, Abedam, Jura, Bhusin and Ohorion did not dare to participate in the meal, and so also Methuselah and his son Lamech, as neither Adam nor another of the children of the main line had invited them. Then Asmahael turned to them and asked:
"Why do you not eat and drink with us?"
And they replied: "O mightiest Asmahael, how could we dare participate? Behold, where the arch father is eating, how presumptuous it would be on our part to reach into the basket and eat together with him and to drink from the vessel the exalted father's sublime mouth has touched!
"It is already the greatest delight, joy and satisfaction to us to be able to watch the sublime fathers happily refreshing themselves. Therefore, Asmahael, do not be concerned about us, for we have now plenty of that which strengthens us exceedingly. But love and thanks be to you for your comforting concern about us. Amen."
And Abedam still added: "Besides, O great, exceedingly mighty Asmahael, to mention it between ourselves, and with the highest esteem and love: Whoever could feel hungry close to You and in Your unfathomable presence, since You are Yourself the eternal appeasement for all things.
"O Asmahael, You have already appeased me for all eternity! And he who is appeased by You will surely not ever be hungry and thirsty. Therefore, all gratitude and love to You! Amen."
Having heard these excuses, Asmahael said to the four: "You have spoken well and My heart has enjoyed what you said" Every one of your words was just and your speech, Abedam, holds true for all eternity. However, My dear friends, at present you are still on earth and have a body, which belongs to the earth. So it is also necessary to strengthen it with food and drink in the proper measure,
"Even though Adam is eating and drinking here, what is the difference between Adam and Me?
"If I now tell you: 'Come here and eat!', who will exclude you from the meal if I invite you?
"So do come, sit down with Me and eat and drink without fear, for presently the first will be the last and the last - the first Amen."
Thereupon the four bowed to the patriarchs, praised God and, finally, full of joy and delight, sat down on the ground beside Asmahael and partook of food and drink.
This pleased also all the patriarchs, including Adam. Only Jared, Mahalaleel and Enos were too overwhelmed by Asmahael's great deed to be able to rejoice. They did not know whether they had any food and drink, nor did they know who had spoken and what and did not see that the four were participating in the meal For the great feat of Asmahael, as no earlier one, had struck them dumb with amazement, and this dumbness remained with them for quite a while.
But Enoch wept for joy and immense love for Asmahael and, finally, could not refrain from rising and hurrying to Asmahael's side in order to pour out the abundance of his heart over Asmahael.
When Asmahael noticed - which was not difficult for Him -, what was driving the dear Enoch, He rose, went to meet the love-filled one and said:
"Truly, My beloved Enoch, he who will like you come to Me will find that I shall promptly rise and go to meet him more than halfway.
"Truly I tell you that you have now found life and all death has left you. Your eyes will never see the day of death. Your love has conquered even your flesh and permeated it with immortality, and as you now are and live you will be and live eternally.
"Behold, your descendants shall be the ones I will preserve to the end of all times and from your line the great promise will one day be fulfilled. Amen."
When Enoch had heard these words, his heart was so overwhelmed that his lips were unable to utter a single sound.
But Asmahael strengthened him and said: "Beloved Enoch, be calm and may peace be with your spirit! I know what you now want to say to Me.
"However, I tell you in truth: He who prays and thanks Me as you are now doing with a completely contrite heart is the one who prays in spirit and in all truth.
"He who is still able to pray and thank with the mouth, in his body there still beats a heart whose fibers are still attached to the branches of the trees of the world, and when a wind arises tearing on the branches of the trees, the heart is torn, too.
"But a heart like yours is fully at home, and when the winds come it is calm and unconcerned with the world; and thus it is free to love the Lord above all and everything else out of the Lord.
"He who loves thus, has the right love and the Lord will be with him forever. Amen."