God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 136 -


These words somewhat provoked Asmahael and he addressed the following earnest, yet very loving words to Adam as well as all the others:
"O Adam, Adam! Your foolishness has become great and mighty! Let Me ask above all your heart, since you are the father of all these children and many others inhabiting this earth, - tell Me in your heart what you would do with one of your children which answered you after a most important lesson concerning very great voluntary offences against your wise directives in a boldly structured speech just bordering on probability, namely:
'Why do you demand of me what I cannot do? Is it wrong what I am doing? Is it my fault? Am I not out of you and have not you given me such a miserable, imperfect life?
'If I do wrong, it is only your fault because I have thus, and not otherwise and more perfect, gone forth from you. Therefore, be satisfied with me the way I am and do not demand of me what I cannot be. But if you insist on having me different from what I am, you can destroy me and then procreate me differently and better or, if that should be impossible to you, desist from a second procreation, for I shall not ever thank you for giving me such a miserable existence.
"Let that which was nothing remain a nothing forever, for it is better not ever to exist than have a miserable, limited existence beside you. Why do you want to make me better since I am already the way I am? If you had procreated me better, I would be better, but as things are, is it not your fault that I am like this? Therefore, mend your ways first and then see how you can achieve my betterment.'
"Adam, tell Me how your loving fatherly heart would feel if one of your children spoke to you like that and, above all, one of your very first children of the main line?
"You cursed the penitent Cain. Tell Me what you would do with a child that did not only kill the flesh of a brother, but cursed you and wanted to kill your spirit? Tell Me, Adam, what you would do with such an incorrigible child?
"Behold, now you are silent like a mouse when it smells a cat, yet earlier you, as the first child of the main line, told Me exactly the same.
"So you do not care whether God or man! And why should you care about who is now speaking with you, whether a God, your Father, or a man like you, for you did not create yourself, but a to you invisible, completely unknown God did. If He has created you so miserable and prone to sin, He must now be satisfied with you as you are since He did not make you more perfect. Therefore He must not demand of the bungled work to be more perfect than it has gone forth from the hand of the ill-humored Creator.
"Behold, and look at your heart whether it does not argue like that.
"You pointed out to Me the hard-to-walk path of the divine will on an earth made very uneven and mentioned your good will to walk faithfully if at all possible. All the responsibility for your fall you loaded upon My shoulders and it was My entire fault and not in the least yours because I have created you thus and not otherwise. If you were to change, there would have to be some means by which you would become capable of acting in accordance with the divine will.
"Behold, this is another remark at which the exceedingly loving and caring holy Father surely cannot rejoice.
"You call for mercy. What else could I still do but come to you as a man and Father, teach you with My own mouth true love and true wisdom and lead you by My own hand over the earth given as a trial basis for your future highest perfection? Am not I Myself the greatest mercy, the greatest love and the surest means?
"Or am I to make of you men, according to your desire, animated, that is, mobile machines?
"O you blind fool! If you wanted only to some extent to see, you would notice the great perfection in you through which you stand high above all other beings, that you can sin of your own free will or voluntarily walk and act without sin, like Enoch. And you reproach Me for having gone forth from Me as a bungled work!
"Look, look, Adam, how far you have again gone astray!
"You say that what I demand of you is impossible. Look at Enoch, look at the six by My side, yes, look at the entire great crowd and ask all of them whether this is so.
"But I tell you that it is you yourself who in his own mind seeks some infinite God Whom he wants to respect and comprehend; it is you who wants to achieve the impossible, to burden his shoulders with the entire infinity and seek a God who for you is as good as nowhere. But the Father who is now speaking with you full of supreme love you refuse to recognize and want to despise and flee.
"Truly, beside a God as you imagine Him and worship on the Sabbath the existence of a created being would not only be most miserable, more miserable than that of a down-trodden worm in the hot sand, but I tell you, it would also be quite impossible as far as your imagined God is concerned. For such an imperfect God would not only be incapable of bringing forth a bungled work, he would truly be even worse off than you who out of yourself are not able to create even an atom.
"If I criticized your foolish searching and absurd striving after a nonexistent God and pointed you to the love of the Father alone, the Father who from eternity to eternity was, is and shall forever be I Myself, tell Me, have I demanded something unreasonable and impossible from you children?
"Behold, already the smallest children fulfill exactly this extremely easy demand, as they love their father above all without calling their father's heart to account to state why they love him. They simply love him because he is their father. Tell Me, Adam My son, have you ever demanded for yourself from your children more than that?
"If I do not demand any more of you, and all of you, as your sole, true and most loving Father, and keep you away from everything that in the least tends to make your life difficult and gradually followed by the inevitable death - which is always a voluntary, gradually growing blindness that, with all the endless ideas unable to ever reach a goal, finally ignites in anger and calls the Creator a common, ill-humored bungler, thus becoming ever darker and deadlier, - am I then really as you have found Me within you?
"Therefore, get to know the Father better and recognize how little and what very easy things He demands of you. Then rise and come to Me and tell Me whether I am an unfair God and Father. But for now bring order into your heart and change your attitude, for I am not a Father who curses Cain. Do understand this! Amen."