God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 138 -


And Emmanuel replied to Adam and thus also to all his children: "Behold, Adam, now you have spoken well, and what you have said is the living truth. Remember that when I came to you this morning, as you and all who were with Adam know, I pretended to be a mute slave who with the help of Abel had fled from Lamech's depth. If things were not different in the spirit of truth and love, would I not appear as a downright liar, like the worm of the earth who is a father and prince of falsehood and deceit?
"However, as you have now faithfully confessed, you were blind, deaf and insensible and consequently did not perceive the things of eternal, divine order. Behold, had I come to you as Emmanuel, where would be your life now?
"Therefore, I came to you in that form which reflected your inner being so that all of you, as cold Asmahaels, warmed by Me could find the Abba Emmanuel.
"Last night I was actually with you and made a great promise to you. But you recognized Me only as if in a dream, for your heart was surrounded by sand and dry stones. And in the morning nothing of Me had remained with you but vaguely a bare, cold memory. I prepared Enoch as interpreter for all of you, but you only admired his words and your dead hearts failed to understand them. You were all searching, yet everyone of you wanted to be to the other a wise guide to be able to show him the high wisdom dwelling in his heart.
"When in the morning you believed you could accomplish everything, I came to you as a bright star, creeping before you in the dust, in order to show you that your hearts were also buried deep in the sand. But the bright star traveled with you from morning towards midday, from midday towards evening and from the evening region to this place and secretly your hearts still took Me for a liar and only few of you were able to fully behold the brightest ray of the star.
"A tiger had to carry Me ahead of you thus tearing itself out from your hearts.
"Behold, how brightly the star was shining, yet you would not notice its gentle and bright radiance.
"In the region of the seven rocks from whose peaks water gushes down to the earth the Gentle One taught you humility. You were still blind and deaf and the star was shining in vain.
"In the evening the star sent forth brighter rays. There were great flashes of lightning and mighty thunder and only a few of the dead arose and detached themselves from the rotting knots. However, the others suffered through the loss of the decay's fermentation-warmth resulting in severe quarreling. One wisdom-priority contended with the other preventing many from seeing the bright light of the star.
'The star continued to guide you and its might drove your tiger away from you and silenced the worm of your pride, the ancient serpent.
'Then you rubbed your eyes, for the light of the star was too powerful for you and the warmth of its fire too mighty. And this was why you looked askance at Methuselah and Lamech who had been received by the star.
"Finally we arrived at the stony wall of your hearts. The lightning and thunder of the star made it collapse and you came to see the great destitution of your inner life. You called the life, but not much of it turned up. I saw your great misery and went and called and brought you an abundance of life.
"Adam! You still did not recognize the star. You still called Me 'Asmahael' - yet you had seen such signs!
"Behold now and pay good attention since you gave Me another name: 'This last sign will become the first and the first the last. And when I come again, your future descendants shall not fare as you do now.
'Truly, those who are used to lightning and thunder will die in anger when I shall come in the end, as I now came in the morning. Understand this! - And now let all of you do what is due to Emmanuel Abba, amen; but in your hearts, amen!"